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So Yesterday

Vintage Is SO Right Now!

Written by: Bella Date: June 09, 2016

 Dear Brownie,

**Here's another #backthenbrownie post coming at you!**


I'm pretty obsessed with clothes that possess  'character' these days. It was my friend Robert's 21st birthday some days ago and the instructions on the dress code were very strict - 'In between casual and formal but not formal and not casual'. Yes...cringe. I searched my heart and I just KNEW I had to wear shorts. Cow Vintage is my favourite vintage store in Nottingham. Granted, its pricy, but I trust their sources so there goes :)


What I'm Wearing...

Vintage Shirt- Cow Vintage

White lace shorts- Cow Vintage

Silver chain link- Seyitan

Black heels- JustFab

Quick Question...

What is your go-to vintage piece??


Be Better Brownie,



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