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The Darkest Blackest Liner Ever

Written by: Bella Date: March 06, 2016

" I feel like my life is finally complete! "

Dear Brownie,


I've been on the search for the darkest blackest liner I could find in Nigeria and it has been QUITE a journey. I've tried so many liners, liquid and gel and I've come up short, with the liners looking dull black or shiny black but not what I wanted. Until today!! I walked into inglot with an amazing level of confidence! after being 'spotted' by a staff member, being called 'Brownie' in public, I almost forgot why I went in there. I had seen Uwani Aliyu, one of the sweetest youtubers I know use this liner before and it pierced through my SOUL!

The Product...

Name: I asked for the Inglot Liner Gel in number 77

Price: I bought it for a little over N4,000. 

Packaging: The packaging was sleek and adequate  

Consistency/Product: The product itself was soft and smooth to work with;I dipped my liner brush into the gel, I knew i had achieved nirvana, It was smooth from the package to my eyes.

Finish: It dries matte and DOES not budge during the day

Longevity: I always have to scrub it off my eyes at night!

Conclusion: And most importantly to me, it was hands down the darkest black I've encountered. Granted, it's pricey but I haven't had any regrets so far! Every day I use it, it never disappoints.

Quick Question...

What's that one thing you'd give an arm/leg for?

Be Better Brownie!

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