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How To Fall Out Of Love

Written by: Bella Date: June 03, 2016

Dear Brownie,

*  In case you missed the rest, this is the #backthenbrownie series. This series features posts from my old blog that I just could not part with. The body of the posts will not be editted just so you can know my thought process as at that time!**


I find it completely unfair that everyone focuses on writing about the rises and completely stay clear of the falls. It’s like once you’re in the break up stage, you become a social pariah. As I grow older, I keep struggling to truly FIND myself. Find my passion.Find my style.Find my purpose.


 There HAS to be a way to relay my emotions AND dress the part at the same time! I, like many girls dress according to my state of mind at the time and I think that’s just amazing!!


 Falling out of love hurts. Its a cocktail of emotions: A shot of anger, few rinds of regret and even a dash of relief, just to sweeten the deal. For this piece, I commandeered the help of a photographer friend of mine, check out his Tumblr HERE .


As for me, I believe that when you fall out of love with someone, you should take out time to fall back in love with yourself. No, not who you were when you were with them, who you are now! Without them!

This is how I deal with falling out of love :)


These are my layabout clothes, my 'feel sexy for myself' clothes, which explains why they are so minimal!


What I'm Wearing...

Big White V- neck T- Shirt - H&M

Grey Overknee Stockings- H&M

Bralet- American Apparel



Falling out of love is realising that one piece of you suddenly doesn't fit anymore. 


Quick Question...

 What do you think of the #backthenbrownie series?



Be Better Brownie!




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