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Nostalgia With A Side Of Joy

'...but Remember That Joy Cometh In The Morning'

Written by: Bella Date: April 22, 2016



Dear Brownie,



'a wistful or excessively sentimental yearning for return to or of some past period or irrecoverable condition'


I find myself delving into nostalgia more than I care to admit, but I refuse to accept that it's necessarily a bad thing. Who doesn't like to look through their old box of pictures every now and then and think about what we call 'the good old days' ? Yes, sometimes we get sad about what has been lost and Yes, sometimes it makes us feel like the changes in our lives have been too drastic BUT it also helps us all get back on track in life, you know? Figure out where we deviated and get back on course! And even if it doesn't, you get to keep your memories for as long as you want! Feeling down? Call up a memory of the best day of your life and use it as a crutch in your time of need. You're allowed :)


If you've watched the pixar movie, 'Inside Out' [which happens to be one of my all time favourite movies], you know that sadness is necessary. For those who haven't, what I mean is that sadness and joy work hand in hand to make for a complete life and if there's anything I've learnt from being a Christian and walking in Christ, it's that 'sadness lasts for only a night, but joy cometh in the morning' . Let's all feel all our feelings! They all deserve to be felt!


The Thing About Joy...

Happiness is a feeling. It lasts for moments at a time and can easily be replaced. What we should all strive to attain is joy. Joy doesn't mean you won't have crappy days. It doesn't mean you won't be sad or depressed but what it does mean is that no matter what you may be going through at the time, deep down in your heart, you know that things will get better. Your lantern is always burning bright! And that's what I pray for all of you as you read this! that your joy will know no bounds and that you will ALWAYS remember that it will get better!

My Most Nostalgic Memory...

I was in middle school in New York and back then, I DREADED going to school (loner issues). One morning, I woke up really early, desperately hoping that my temperature was warm enough for me to fake an illness to miss a day. When I noticed that no one had come to wake me up, the goody goody in me thought my mum had maybe overslept so I ran to my parent's room to wake them up. When I got to my mum, I told her we were going to be late. I will never forget what she said to me, lmao. She said " I'm sorry, Efe. How would you like to go to school today? By car or by sleigh?" She pulled back the blinds and I saw that it was snowing HEAVY outside her window! Our car was literally under several feet of snow!



Lord knows every now and then when I wake up and don't want to go to class, even till now, I lowkey pray for another snow miracle *yes, even in Nigeria*



'describes a bittersweet longing for the past.'

Bittersweet is my new favourite flavour!


Quick Question...

What's Your Most Nostalgic Memory? I'd love you to share with me!


Be Better Brownie



2 Readers Commented

  1. Louisa April 22, 2016 | Reply
    Such a lovely post hun! Loved how you mum asked you if you wanted to go to school "by car or by sleigh". Louisa
  2. Ozioma May 11, 2016 | Reply
    This post is so nicely written, and true! Thank you for sharing :)

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