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3 Lazy Girl Hacks For Pimples

Slay It Yourself

Written by: Bella Date: May 28, 2016



Dear Brownie,


One of my most FAQs is how I keep my skin 'flawless' and the answer is that I don't! It's a constant war with a lot of different abttles to be won and or lost along the way. 

Today, I'm sharing with you how I win my pimple battles ALL THE TIME. They're perfect for the lazy girl because I am a member of the struggle,lol.


Here We Go! 

1. Toothpaste to Face Paste.The first HAD to be toothpaste. Just because I feel like there are still people out there that don't know about the power of cheap toothpaste!!! The flouride in tooth paste dries up your pimples almost as quick as you can say 'I changed my youtube name to brownie bits'. if you didn't know about this before now, you probably didn't go to boarding school in Nigeria. It's okay, we forgive you


2. Talc Powder, Man Of The Hour. White powder in Nigeria can NEVER go out of style. Some use it for a face beat, we use it for a pimple-be-gone. Now, you can use this as is OR you can mix some powder in with a teaspoon of water or even better pineapple or lemon juice, let it dry on the pimple. Do this for 2 days before you go to bed and wake up with less redness and less *gag* puss in your pesky pimple.


3. Ice it out. If you piple is just forming, attack immediately! this stops the oils in that area from neing secreted and stops the pimple dead in its tracks. With ICE! And it's simple as ABC. Wrap your ice cube in a thin cloth and press it to your pimple area. I usually hold this yto my pimple while I brush my teeth. Do this once, wait a few minutes and then repeat and voila, crisis averted. You're welcome!


Quick Question...

What pimple-be-gone hacks do have? Help a sister out!!!


Be Better Brownie!




2 Readers Commented

  1. Leslie November 23, 2016 | Reply
    I've heard a lot about how toothpaste works but I've never tried it, lime is my go to for drying up pimples, I just cut it in half, soak in warm water for a few seconds and then gently scrub my face with it. It also leaves the face smooth. I really found this post helpful by the way.
    • Brownie November 25, 2016
      wow! lime! That's a new one! I'm actually going to try that!

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