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Beauty Scenarios With Toni The Artist

It's A Collaboration!

Written by: Bella Date: May 29, 2016

Dear Brownie,

Quick Question: Your house is on fire, everyone is safe! What do you grab before the walls start coming down?? -  These are the kind of questions Toni and I answer in today's video collab! At least, one my channel! We did the beauty 'this or that' tag on her channel! 


Toni Esu is an amazing Lagos/Abuja based make up artist and youtuber AND my friend! we've done several collaborations before but none quite as fun as these ones! Check out the videos BELOW and don't forget to subscribe to our channels for more fun challenges!!


Here's Mine:



Check out Toni's Video:



Don't forget to check Toni out on:

Her Blog

Her Personal IG and her work IG

Her Twitter


And tell her I said Hi!!



Be Better Brownie!





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