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5 Weird Uses For Coconut Oil

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Written by: Bella Date: June 06, 2016

Dear Brownie,



I’ve been obsessed with coconut oil from the first day I was told it existed! Since then, I’ve made it my mission to do just about everything I can with coconut oil, being the frugal diva that Iam lol, and here are some of the unusual things, tried and brownie approved that I’ve done with coconut oil:



Here We Go!


1. Shaving- Now, I hate shaving. If I’m being honest, I only shave when I know my boyfriend is going to be around. He sometimes awkwardly reaches for my legs lol. The first time I tried shaving with coconut oil, my mind was blown at how soft my legs were and how easy it was to shave, even with my struggle BIC razors. All you need is a teaspoon’s worth per leg slathered on in a thin layer, a little goes a long way! Not only will it not clog your drains, the left over of the oil that doesn’t rinsed off makes your skin feel so sexy!


2. Oil Pulling- This one was purely based on amebo. I had seen so many people use the whole ‘oil pulling system’ to give them fresh breath and whiter teeth and although it does feel really weird in your mouth, it actually did leave my mouth feeling extra clean and my teeth about 1/2 a shade whiter! Big ups! Oil pulling is the process of gargling or swishing oil in your mouth for about 15 minutes a pop. Some people claim that this cures some chronic diseases! Don’t know about that one,lol


3. Make Up Remover- If you’ve been on my main channel, Brownie Bits, in one of my skin videos where I’m taking off my make up, you will notice I used coconut oil as a cleaner. Even better than using a cotton pad like I did is warming the coconut oil in your hands slightly and slathering it all over your face! This helps break down all your make up and you can use a damp cloth to take it all off!


4. Coconut Tooth Paste- I’m not suggesting my brownies have bad breath, lol. I realise this is my second mouth related use of coconut oil! For the first time ever this month, I tried to make my own tooth paste. All in the hopes to convert to a more natural and sustainable life style and it wasn’t as bad as I thought and my mouth felt so sexy! Want the recipe? Let me know in the comments below! I’d share here but the post is already longer that I’d have wanted!


5. Sleeping Aid- Believe it or not, daily injection of coconut oil (into your mouth ooh, lol) actually helps you sleep more soundly. I’m an anxious sleeper and I often have to result to camomile tea just to calm myself down enough to get some rest. When that doesn’t work, I get a tablespoon and take in some coconut oil while holding my nose. It lubricates your throat and helps you breathe more easily.

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Quick Question…


What is your go-to oil?



Be Better Brownie!



5 Readers Commented

  1. Seyifunmi June 08, 2016 | Reply
    Yay! Thank you, I cannot wait to Style the bag. Love it! And thank you for the tips on the use of coconut oil.
    • Brownie June 10, 2016
      Can't wait to see you work it girl!!
  2. Desiree August 08, 2016 | Reply
    What type of coconut oil do you use and what kind do you recommended?
    • Brownie August 13, 2016
      I would recommend anything cold pressed and all natural. I've actually started making my own now!
  3. Temmy September 30, 2016 | Reply
    Thanks a lot B. Coconut oil has worked pretty well for me. I would like you to send your Coconut oil toothpaste recipe to me also. P.S please follow me on Instagram @yvette_Dakota_...xoxo

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