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The Road To Happy

About The Journey

Written by: Bella Date: June 06, 2016

Dear Brownie,


I've always been the most impatient person. Always the one to ask 'Are we there yet?' when we're on those long trips to my village during christmas. As impatient as I am, I'm also a goal setter! What a combination! You can only imagine my level of anxiety when I have finally decided on what to set my mind to and it takes longer than I desire it to achieve it. It's torturous.

One day, in the midst of talking to God in and out, wondering why A hasn't done what she is meant to do yet or why I haven't achieved what I have been working towards, it came to me  **Click to tweet- 'Enjoy the road to Happy' **. It's annoying when things seem so simple, isn't it? Makes you wonder why you've been stressed for so long!

I decided to pump the breaks and just be. How strong is your faith? How great your work ethic? how lasting is your trust? In yourself? In your work? In your God?  So why are you fretting?

**Click to tweet- There will be setbacks, there will be failures, oh yes! There will even be small victories! All of these make for a BEAUTIFUL story.**

Imagine me driving to my village last christmas as we ran out of gas. I was stressed. I had no service to call bae, I was getting irritable and Brownie was barfing everywhere. We stopped to get fuel and stretch our legs and right next to the filling station in Kogi, there was this weirdly beautiful old house! I had made this exact same trip so many times and had never seen it before today. I had to take pictures with it. (I love crumbling buildings. Kind of my thing) and I couldn't wait to post it somewhere. In fact, I may have written a whole post on that one house,lol

**Click to tweet- It's tough when things don't go our way, but maybe our way isn't the only way?**

The next time you're in your car, speeding off to your next achievement, how about you blast the AC (or wind down the windows), turn up the tunes and just BE in the moment. Observe your surroundings as you drive by them, you may not have to go by this way again! And if you do, absorb the pot holes so you can avoid them the second time around!

I hope you enjoy the road to happy. It's a noun so it's a place!! Heck, it may not be as important as the destination but it sure makes the destination more worth-while, doesn't it?


Drive Safely And Be Better Brownie!




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