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Blog Post Brownie Appreciation

Want To Meet Falz?

It's A Giveaway

Written by: Bella Date: June 02, 2016

Dear Brownie,


Let's meet Falz at Rogue tomorrow!!

Well, I OBVIOUSLY can't come but I have one Meet And Greet ticket to giveaway courtesy of Reign Entertainment! (If you're subscribed, you already got the memo! If you're not, you should probably subcribe HERE so next time,you get a head start on the giveaways!)

You get to hug Falz, Touch Falz, Kizz Falz...Hand him your mixtape, the possibilities are endless honestly!


Here's how you enter this twitter based giveaway!

1. Attach the picture in this post in your tweet

2. Answer the question in the tweet with the #roguebirmsgiveaway and #roguewithbrownie and you're in!


For example : This is what your tweet would look like...


' A black leather dress with white strappy boots! #roguebirmsgiveaway #roguewithbrownie '

*** Insert the picture with the question here, like a quote**



If you still don't understand, I'll have an example on my twitter @thebrowniebird


I'll be announcing the winner at 11pm today so you have the whole day to plan your night!!!


Be Better Brownie!



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