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Can You Over Moisturise Your Hair?

And 5 Tips To Fix It!

Written by: Bella Date: June 13, 2016

Dear Brownie,



When I  was first made aware that people were under the impression that you could over moisturise your hair, I was gobsmacked! How though? We fight day and ight to get as much moisture as possible into our hair and you're telling me I may be doing too much??



It's called ' Hygral Fatigue'. Just when you thought you had this natural hair thing hacked right? You're probably thinking, 'I'm black, our hair is always dry, this doesn't apply to me' Think again.


Hygral fatigue is 'hair damage as a result of the expanding and contracting of hair due to the uptake and loss of water. The constant expansion and contraction can cause damage to the hair fiber which then weakens the hair cuticle and cortex.' In lay man's terms, it is a situation where that constant battle between the extremes causes your hair to suffer. That nae nae between hair that is too dry and then very moist, and then back at it again.


Do I have Hygral Fatigue?...

1. How's the elasticity? If you're struggle to stretch your hair when it's wet and it doesn't bounce back to its stable length afte  pulling, your hair has low elasticity. This is the most common red flag. Elasticity simply put is Protein+Moisture. If you're lacking on the protein side, you may have HF

2. Is your hair acting weird? By that i mean, is it mushy? Limp? does it seem gummy to you? Ding ding ding!!!


Okay, calm down...

We know the problem, now let's gist on how to prevent it ! You didn't think I'd just leave you crying, did you? 

Now, if you find that you do have it, a preventative measure will not help, you should seek professional help. Now, on to how to prevent it!


1. Pre Poo. Everytime I use the term pre poo, I laugh out loud. The use of vegetable based oils o your hair before washing it helps fortify and protect your tresses and that is what pre pooing is essentially. The wonder oil you are looking for in this situation is coconut oil. You may think I'm obsessed with this oil if you saw my last post talking about the weird things I do with it HERE, but the fact remains that it is proven to help prevent hygral fatigue and because its has smaller molecules than other oils, it will take less time penetrating the hair shaft. Other  vegetable oils require several hours to get working! Aint nobody got time for that!

2. 'Squeeze' out Excess Water. Sounds HILARIOUS if you ask me but yes! By doing this you will be reducing weight from your hair as a result of the water intake, and voila! you are decreasing the stretching and  expanding motions.

3. Seal your hair.Sealing your hair with an oil of your choosing will allow your hair to retain moisture even when it’s dry. Like I mentoned above,you can use any oil but coconut oil can penetrate the hair shaft swiftly and is perfect when you're avoiding protein loss. This is basically the thing that provides strength and elasticity to your hair. 

4.Air Dry. Remember the definition for HF above? drastic bounces between dry and moisturised? Using drying mediums causes exactly that so it's basically a no-brainer!

5. Limit Overnight Drownings. I know that was dramatic but limiting the amount of times your hair is drenched in moisturising products for long periods of time. Instead opt for a leave in conditioner after rinsing out the deep conditioner to seal in the moisture!


Quick Question...

Do you think this exists?


Be Better Brownie!



1 Readers Commented

  1. Fehintola June 14, 2016 | Reply
    Hey Bella, Quick question about pre poo, do I coat my hair in oil and chill a bit before I wash with shampoo? Sometimes I get a bit confused with all these hair terms. Nice article. Thanks for sharing.

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