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Good Bye My Lover...

I Hate To Post And Dash But...

Written by: Bella Date: June 12, 2016

Dear Brownie,

What I'm Doing...

As you read this, I'm probably mis-pronoucing some french words or having a political argument on why China cannot rise peacefully for my first set of exams tomorrow.  Does this count as an update?lol

I Can Explain...

I just wanted to put it out there that I'm kicking off my exams this week in case my posts are not as consistent as I want them to be! I've done my due diligence by making sure there are at least two posts per week for the two weeks I'll be gone but I felt the need for a heads up regardless. I'm kind of extra in that right. That would also explain why you won't be seeing me on social media for these two weeks. I'm not dead, just 'educationing' as I like to say, and my degree is my priority, you know?

Growth On The Horizon...

I thought I'd leave you with a framework of what the posts are looking like for summer! I'm excited if you can't tell! The new schedule is effective from July 1st! 

I will be putting up at least 4 posts each week (excluding the posts I will be putting up at my summer job! More on that in your #browniemail soon!)


Monday: My natural hair or skin care post: I like to alternate between natural hair hacks and skin care DIYs for my Mondays, just in case you haven't noticed.


Wednesday: A style or fasting post: I know the second part of that may have you confused. My prayer partner (who doubles as my boyfriend) and I do this thing where we fast every wednesday with a specific set of intentions for each week. I spoke to him about me feeling like I'm not showing the most important sides of myself on the website and he suggested that we share our kind of 'fellowship' with you guys, my brownies, and I agree. I'll aternate these to start off with and then ask for emails of those who will want to be involved weekly. I'm not in favour of forcing religion down anyone's throat.

Style posts will comprise of a. How to style..., b. Whatever I wore on whatever day or c. A DIY style item I'm itching to share!


Thursday: The #backthenbrownie series is in full effect and is set to publish unfailingly every throwback thursday! This is usually a post from my old blog people may not have seen or that I refuse to part with!


Saturday: Beauty or Baking posts: These are pretty much explanatory, yes? I'll be sharing beauty hacks, reviewing beauty products and of course, sharing baking recipes, hacks and some secrets as well!


Sunday: Inspirational post or Giveaway/Sponsored post: I will either share something I want you to dwell on during the week or post up a giveaway or a sposored post if there is one available!


**Tuesday is going to be for youtube videos  and Friday is for wild cards because who doesn't love a spontaneous post once in a while?**

These are my set times and the posts have been planned but I don't want to start off while I'm writing exams just so I can monitor everyone's reactions to each day.


I'm looking forward to receiving feed back from you all but for now, back to my books!


Please pray for me!

Be Better Brownie!



4 Readers Commented

  1. Oyindamola June 16, 2016 | Reply
    Can't wait . Wish you all the best in your papers.
    • Brownie June 16, 2016
      Thank you so much!
  2. Chi June 22, 2016 | Reply
    All the best in your papers, Bella!! Ace 'em and come back to us. x
    • Brownie June 23, 2016
      Thank you so much darling! 2 more to go!!!

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