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A Girl's Guide To Packing For Lagos

Written by: Bella Date: June 24, 2016

Dear Brownie,



I'm finally done with exams and that means that I'm on my way to Lagos for wrk and for pleasure! Two of my very favorite girls live there so it's always a treat to be able to see them and bond!

They both have blogs: Tobore writes HERE and Imaan writes HERE. Be sure to check them out!! *Yay*!! I'm going to vlog it so it'll be up on my vlog channel as soon as I'm back in Abuja! But before I leave, I usually have my check list to make sure I don't leave anything to chance *I have anxiety, lol* 


So because of how anal I am with traveling, I have SEVERAL sectors of my ONE list (please bare with me)


1. Essentials 

These are literally the first things I pack/tick off: 

-Passport or License

-Plane ticket! (Can't really leave without it, can I?)

-Cash ( at least 10k)

- Painkillers/Medicine

-Ear/ Head phones

- If you have a power bank, PACK IT!



2. Apps and Gadgets 

 When you're a blogger or a regular person to be honest, you probably cannot function properly without them! And I need to make sure that every app I usually use when I travel is updated and fully functional, these include:


-Gadgets include

   - My camera (I blog wherever I go! I just like to document in general)

   - Phone(s) (yes, I said phones. One business, one personal)

   - Laptop (for obvious reasons)


-Apps I need!

- Google Maps - Like I said, my best friends live in Lagos BUT they do have lives even while I'm there so it's nice to be able to navigate myself around, you know? I hate depending on others, and that leads to my next app

- Uber -I absolutely MUST make sure my uber is working (I only use it in lagos so this is important,lol.) Just incase one of my friends can't drive me around,lol. If you've never used uber, you should! Lagos taxis are VERY expensive and Uber saves you so much money on them! And uber is so much better now because they allow you to use either cash or your card!

Don't have Uber yet? Download the app on your phone, sign up (you can use your facebook or even your email) and then use my code to get N2000 off your first ride! My code is Annabellea238ue Be sure to let me know where you go on your first ride :)

-Bank app - Now, I'm more of a cash girl, in fact, my mother doesn't believe enough in the Nigerian bankig system to own a debit card BUT there will be times you may not be carrying enough cash! Be sure you have your bank on your phone because NOBODY wants to start looking for their bank branch in another city just to transfer money. Ugh



3. 'The Standards'

- Calendar Clothes- Planning out my clothes according to the days is kind of my thing when I'm travelling. I'm almost anal about how I want to know ALL my plans before I leave so I know exactly what to pack for every ocassion. Do you do that as well?

I also try to minimize my random packing by picking items that are multi- purpose. One of my favourite items is a swim suit that doubles as body suit I can wear clubbing *woot woot*

- Make up - Honestly, I refuse to leave my city to someone else's and be looking like I'm mourning. Make up is a must for me. I definitely won't wear it everyday but it's nice to know I can if I want to!

When picking make up, I pick one of each thing and then some staple lip colours: Nude,burgundy and  purple (those are the ones I wear the most) and then one shadow palette because It's usually all about my complexion for me.

- Toiletries - I never go to someone's house expecting them to have EVERYTHING I usually need, don't do that to yourself. I pack a little toilet bag with the things I know no one will have on ground. Luckily, my skin care routine is pretty basic so it remains a small bag!

In my toilet bag, I'll probably have the following:

1 bar of my black soap (It's my face wash, my shampoo, my body bar)

1 travel toothbrush and mini toothpaste

1 hand sponge

1 pack of wipes

1 mini deodorant

1 perfume

1 lotion/oil depending


4. The Extras

These are what you can call the extra stuff. Things you can probably do without but I mean, If you have space:

A book (so you don't have to talk to strangers)

Some gum (if you have problems flying)

A snack? (plane food is ALWAYS bad)



Quick Question...

Did I miss anything out? Let me know!!


Be Better Brownie!!




2 Readers Commented

  1. GraysBibi June 27, 2016 | Reply
    I think you mentioned all already :) But you might want to pack an umbrella, it's been wet in Lagos for a couple of days now. Very helpful post regardless!
    • Brownie June 27, 2016
      Sigh, I've noticed the rain lol

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