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5 Natural Hair Hacks

Every Nappy Girl Should Know!

Written by: Bella Date: July 18, 2016

Dear Brownie,


So you decided to go natural, huh? Welcome to the family! Now, you probably have SOOOO muchinformation you feel you need to sort through and so many products you feel you need to buy. I'm here to help you out a little bit! Today, i'm sharing my 5 favourite natural hair hacks that are GUARANTEED to make you life easier (or your moneyback, haha)


Here we go...


1. Make your own hair ties. When your hair reaches that stage where maybe you feel like you want to try a bun, or a ponytail or even two pig tails, you will need hair scrunchies/hair bands/ hair ties. The problem with this is that hair ties get lost SO easily and before you know it, you've spent an arm and a leg on what should be the least of your problems. No worries, I have to alternatives I susbscribe to:

a. Using abandoned/useless ankara strips

b. Buying a yard of elastic ( yes, sweing elastic) or more and making as many hair bands as you want by simply choosing your specification and tying or sewing up the ends

They both work out to be way cheaper!


2. Baby Wipes for the win. You know those times where you get out of the shower and realise you still have gunk in your hair? Or want a quick refresh after a swaty day out? Whip out your baby wipes. Thy're gentle, usually non toxic, and get the job done without you having to turn the shower back on! This also works for when you put in way too much product in your hair!

3. Silkier Conditioner. So since you've probably gone on a whim to buy the first conditioner you thought was cute BEFORE checking the consistency or specifications, you will notice that sometimes, your conditioner doesn't have enough 'slip' to it. This is what helps you detangle your hair without any drama. to put some silp in your conditioer, add a few drops on your favourite oil. As I've mentioned WAY too many times, I tend to favour coconut oil. For other coconut oil posts, check HERE and HERE

4. More Length to your style. If you notice that your twist outs, braid outs and all the outs are not looking as stretched and as smooth as you want them to, try doing your styles on dry hair instead. the hair is alrady stretched and your style will come out looking so much more professional! You're welcome!

5. Hot and deep...condition. Notice that your hair doesn't feel ay different after you use that deep coditioning treatment your friend told you about? Here's why! You're not using any heat! Now, when I say heat, I dont mean fire. I'm talking more about steaming. When you use heat to ep condition, you open your hair follicles, thus letting inall the nutrients the deep conditioner has to offer. As you would expect, using cold water has the opposite effect so it's perfect to end your wash day with and lock in all your goodies!


Quick Question...

What's your favourite natural hair hack?


Be Better Brownie!



3 Readers Commented

  1. Fehintola August 12, 2016 | Reply
    Coconut oil is a lifesaver. I use it generously on my hair. Coconut oil and Cantu leave in conditioning repair cream make my hair soft and manageable. I sometimes mix them with water on my spray bottle and refresh my hair with. Great post Bella, I'm Def going to ask my tailor for my leftover Ankara. Im always losing my hair ties and crunches.
    • Brownie August 13, 2016
      Thank you for sharing so much knowledge my darling! And keep those scraps well girl!!
  2. Oyindamola November 01, 2016 | Reply
    It's kinda embarrassing but I use a black shoelace for my bun. I used to have hair bands but I always lose them, one day I saw the shoe-lace and voila! I like using the spray bottle too. The YC blog || Bloglovin' How To Stand Out as a Fresh Graduate

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