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3 Reasons Your Edges Left

And May Not Come Back

Written by: Bella Date: July 04, 2016

Dear Brownie,


Are your edges missing? Sigh, so are mine kind of :( . Wonder why? I'll give you some guesses...


Why Your Edges Left...

1. You did TOO many tight hair styles. Yes. Your cute protective styles took the. Your edges are usually the shorted and most fragile hair follicles on yoru head and they don't liekto be physically abused. This has to be the biggest culprit to thinning and misplaced edges. Yes girl,our hair IS versatile and yes girl,there are alot of different styles we can wear,BUT  many of these  styles are created take our edges away, kind of like a sacrificial offering. Braids are on the top of the list, just saying.

2. Chemicals took them. No, this idesn't always mean relaxer. Even when you want to simply dye your hair! The box always has instructions that feature time limits and the likes to prevent us from making the mistakes we do but as African women, we tend not to listen. Leave a product on for 45 minutes, we think it should be on for 2  hours.I'm just as guilty as you are honey! But in as much as the rest of our hair cn manage our decisions, the edges will be the first to let you know you were wrong!

3.Styling product overload. Now, I love my laid edges as much as the next girl. Actually probably more but honey, they are stealing our edges away! Use of gels and other silicone like products o your edges not only blocks out oxygen from reaching the hair follicles, it also has a drying effect of your hair that practically helps it break off. Let's moderate our slayage from now on or even better, find alternatives like using shea butter and a scarf to lay those edges more aturally in a way your hair will love!


Quick Question...

How do you grow back your edges?


Be Better Brownie!



6 Readers Commented

  1. Tosin July 04, 2016 | Reply
    Great post dearie. You could try massaging your edges and scalp with Jamaican black castor oil or braiding across the edges to the side. Hope this helps. Xoxo
    • Brownie July 04, 2016
      Already on it, darling!!! Thank you!
  2. Sosa July 04, 2016 | Reply
    I'm on my edges recovery journey as well 😭. Firstly I'm trying not to pull on them at all and I heard that applying raw ginger on your edges (leave for 30 mins then rinse) once or twice weekly is supposed to stimulate the roots. I'm yet to try it though 🌚 Xx
    • Brownie July 04, 2016
      Girl! I'm willing to try anything lmao
  3. Ifeoma July 12, 2016 | Reply
    When I want to slayyyyyy, I mix a tinnie winnie amount of gel and sheabutter
    • Brownie July 12, 2016
      Damn, that makes sense

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