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Fruits That Unleash Your GLOW

Eat It Or Wear It!

Written by: Bella Date: July 11, 2016

Dear Brownie,



We live in an age where the glow is NECESSARY. But the glow can be expensive! And when you can't afford to get treatments and injections, you turn to nature to provide a solution. I get asked quite a lot how I get my skin looking bright and fruits happen to be one of my top priorities. I probably consume more fruits than I do water. What I love about these fruits is that you can either eat them or wear them,(I mostly eat them) and tests reveal that actually using fruits directly on your face reveals quicker results that consuming them! (I still eat them though)


Let the fruiting begin...


1.Tomato. Yes, this is a fruit!!

Why? Your skin needs a boost from within to look fresh and glowy. Tomatoes are rich in an antioxidant called lycopene which has anti-ageing properties (SCORE), helps reconstruct your cells faster and also acts a sunscreen from within. Since tomato is acidic in nature, its insides help tighten your pores and prevent pimples (two thumbs up)

How? Tomatoes are usually a staple in a Nigerian diet (yes, even with the scarcity) and are added to several dishes in a puree form. But you can eat them raw as well or apply its pulp or juice on your skin. 



Why? You know what the doctor says! 'An apple a day can certainly keep ageing away!' This fruit has vitamin C in excess which keeps your skin firm and gives it an inner radiance. They also prevent damage which cause premature ageing of your face glove (or your skin).

How? To ensure glowing skin, you can eat one apple every day. You can also apply the juice of an apple on your face and wash it off with water after 10 minutes.You'll be tasty either way!



Why?  Being rich in Vitamin A, B and E, means that bananas act as an anti-ageing agent.

How? Go for face masks made up of  a freshly-mashed banana mixed with honey to get glowing skin.



Why? This is kind of a no-brainer right?It has a high Vitamin C content and natural bleaching properties, making it a good cleanser that lightens acne scars, spots and your skin tone.

How? Start your day by drinking a glass of warm water mixed with a dash of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of honey. It fights cellulite and clears your skin from within or even simply add a dash of lemon juice on your salad. 



Why? Malic acid in strawberries makes it a natural whitening/lightening agent. It also has alot of antioxidants which lend your skin a healthy radiance that can't be gotten from a bottle.

How? Eat a handful of strawberries or simple mash it to make a paste and add yoghurt and honey. Apply it on your face and in 15 minutes get glowing skin. Strawberry can also be added to your smoothie.


6.Papaya/Paw Paw!

Why? It is a  rich source of antioxidants and an enzyme called papain so paw paw  can banish skin impurities and even remove dead cells when used directly on the skin.

How? Rub your face gently with the orange part of the papaya for about a minute as an exfoliant or cleasnser that also softens your skin OR you can  blend some  papaya and 2 tablespoons of either honey or yogurt and make it a  mask. Rinse with lukewarm water after 20 minutes and then apply your favourite moisturizer!


What I love is that all of most of these fruits are readily available in most places! More reasons to eat healthy right?


Quick Question...

What's your favourite fruit?


Be better Brownie!



2 Readers Commented

  1. Nky July 11, 2016 | Reply
    African cherry but I love fruits a lot

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