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My Day With Ivory Room

Food And Fashion Unite!

Written by: Bella Date: July 09, 2016

Dear Brownie,




I'm writing this post on a full stomach and I must say, I feel very Full-Filled (get it?lol). I was cordially invited to spend a day with Ivory Room and not only take pictures but to eat there too! My two favourite things! I couldn't say yes fast enough. I decided while I was there to do an extensive review on the restaurant. From to ambience,to the staff, to the food!

Now, if you want to skip all the plenty words and just see the verdict, scroll down to the end for my brownie points!




The Ambience...

I think this impressed me. I loved the look of the place:nice wide windows, perfect selfie light, calming music that made me want to stay and chill a little longer, nice comfy chairs and smiling staff (last part is my favourite thing about any restaurant by the way).

I did notice that Ivory room comes alive at the night time but looks more business meeting like during the day. I have to commend the switch up, it's not easy. Oh! I also found the biggest selfie mirror ever in the walkway right across from the most GORGEOUS wall ever. Even if just for that, it's worth a visit, you know? (when you know, you know)

I’d definitely say this place gave an air of exclusivity. I felt more important just being there! What an ego boost,lol


The Staff...

I will admit, I like to make service workers feel uncomfortable,lol. I like to ask more personal questions about the food like 'Which one is your favourite dish?’ This time, I asked the waiter to help me pick between two completely different meals and he took it pretty well! We shared some chuckles and he even complimented my hair.

In essence, I felt at home.



The Service…

Now, the food took a little longer than I would have hoped to come but

a. Mo had eaten here before and his food had come in 10 minutes and

b. Mine was a steak so I didn't want perfection rushed.


The cocktail came out really quick accompanied with a smile, of course



The Presentation…

Guys, when I tell you my cocktail was almost too pretty to drink, I am NOT playing. I also loved that each item in my meal was separated (they didn't touch on the plate) because it should be the guest’s choice what flavours they want interlocking you know?

Thanks guys



The Taste…

I had the steak and eggs and although my steak wasn’t as rare as I would like it (I like it bloody, yes), it was so moist and yummy! The fries were so obviously fresh, seasoned to perfection and still so pretty and yellow! I felt like I was at TGIs again. I’d kill for more of that steak.

The cocktail was amazing too! It was frozen like it said it would be (no shade to others) and it tasted sweet and luscious! Get the strawberry Daiquiri for sure!



The Portions…

To be honest, I have a small stomach so I’m not sure Im the best to trust with portions BUT I was stuffed and I only went through half of the steak, half the fries and half the steamed/sautéed veg.

It was a lot for me.

I’ve also heard from guys that their portions are pretty big!



The Price…

Now, the prices are no joke and when I first sat down and saw the menu, I was thinking ‘What the heck bro?’ but when the food came, guys… I honestly forgot about the price and I’m an igbo girl,lol.

I would definitely say this a place to bring someone you want to impress or even better, for when you want to spoil yourself.

It’s premium price- right between mass and luxury.



Now, for the all important Brownie Points…

As usual, when I review something, i give each aspect brownie points ranging between 1 and 5, depending on how well they fared:


Ambience: 5/5

Staff: 4/5 ( I just wish he had recommendations, you know?)

Service: 3/5 (Could have been a little faster, me thinks)

Presentation: 5/5

Taste: 4/5 (just because my steak could have been bloodier)

Portions: 5/5

Price: 4/5 (For the target market, perfect! For others, it’s a special occasion treat!)



All in all, I had a wonderful experience at Ivory Room and because of that, I want you guys to try them out as well, even for just the cocktails. Here are their details:


Address: 42 Birao Street, Wuse 2 , Abuja

Phone: 0909 999 5292


Opening times...

Friday      12PM–2:30AM

Saturday 12PM–2:30AM

Sunday 12PM–12AM

Monday 12PM–1AM

Tuesday 12PM–1AM

Wednesday 12PM–1AM

Thursday 12PM–2:30AM


And don’t forget to follow them on IG @IvoryroomNG and tell them Brownie sent you and who knows, you may get a discount *wink* 


Also check out their website for anything I missed out on!


I want to specially thank Sam of @samuelbass on IG for the amazing pictures in this post! If you’re looking for an amazing food and event photographer, drop him an email at and tell him I sent you!



If you want me to review your product or business, shoot me an email at and we can set something up!



Be Better Brownie!



10 Readers Commented

  1. Anniedora July 10, 2016 | Reply
    Reading this made me hungry!! I stay at Ibadan currently but someday I'll have to find my way here, cus once a foodie always a foodie☺
    • Brownie July 10, 2016
      lol, agreed! we should eat together
  2. Funke July 10, 2016 | Reply
    Oh dear, you look so beautiful!!! Why so fine 😒😒😒 Great review, might visit one if these days
    • Brownie July 10, 2016
      lol, thank you boo!
  3. Oyindamola Abbatty July 10, 2016 | Reply
    the place looks great. Lovely outfit and how is your make-up always on point. you look ravishing!
    • Brownie July 10, 2016
      Thank you so much my darling!
  4. ada July 11, 2016 | Reply
    girl you look so take away, too much beauty (is there anything like too much lol) the place look lovely ,might ask my dad for a date LOL!
    • Brownie July 11, 2016
      Lol, thank you Ada baby <3 <3
  5. Jane September 11, 2016 | Reply
    ummmm, can we hav a tutorial on that necklace you are wearing? looking too fine. Mo looking good too. Anyways, ABJ has to be food heaven frm cocktails to suyas to everything. yall hav it all lol. great lighjting btw. wat lashes do you use??? they look so natural
    • Brownie September 12, 2016
      The necklace is literally just a strip of ankara tied around my neck, lol. I agree!, Abuja can be the place to be most of the time, especially for us foodies! And the lashes are Ardell Wispies <3

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