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Brownie's Summer Trends: Denim

2 Ways To Wear Denim For Summer!

Written by: Bella Date: July 26, 2016

Dear Brownie,



I'm sure it's of no shock to any of us that denim is on the list. Not because it's comfortable or breathable (it's really not)  but simply because denim is so durable, it suits everybody and it's pretty versatile. It can dress any outfit up or down with the snap of your fingers! I'm going to be showing you darlings tow of the many ways I will be wearing denim this summer!





Outfit Details...

I persoanlly can't stand denim but when I put it on, I like to look well put together! Can't be uncomfortable for nothing, you know? 

Outfit One is the more casual option parading the double denim. As usual, I like loose on top if I'm fitted at the bottom. For outfit number two, I liked the dressy look it had. One piece that is comfortable and sexy without being too revealing, just my speck!


What I wore...


Outfit 1...

Patched Jeans - Asos, Similar HERE

Denim mini button down - Sisiter's Closet, Alternative HERE

Heels- Macys, Alternative HERE

Hat - Primark, Alternative HERE, also styled HERE

Bag - Michael Kors


Outfit 2...

Dress - Gifted

Heels - Guess, Similar HERE

Kimono - Nikki Khiran, Alternative HERE

Face Cap- Daddy's Closet


Quick Question...

How will you be styling denim this summer?  


Be Better Brownie,




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