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Exploring Ajali

My Skin Care Haven

Written by: Bella Date: August 01, 2016

Dear Brownie,



I'm very much into taking the natural route when it comes to keeping my skin lush and beautiful and it often gets tiring creating recipes for yourself, testing them out and all that, and that's what led me to Ajali. You know how people stalk their favourite celebrities on instagram? Well, I stalk skin care and make up brands,lol.


About Ajali...

Ajali is an award winning skin care brand and holistic spa located in Lagos. It is admittedly young but has honestly exceeded my expectations! If I have calculated correctly, they have an anniversary coming up soon, of which I hope they will be relaunching their amazing website! For now, check out their instagram HERE


I finally picked up some of their amazing products and as soon as I got my order, I wished I had chosen more! I wanted to give you all a quick review of the products.


I picked up three products from them and here's what I think about them one by one:


1. Body And Hair Butter Souffle in 'Radiant Glow'- I have to say I can't remember life before I started using this all over my body and this is NOT a drill.

Its made of shea butter amongst other oils but it is surprisingly light. In fact, it comes whipped and much like a mousse so it MELTS in your hands as you warm it almost instantly.

I feel well moisturised and it also gives me a glow that makes my brown(ie) skin POP! It also smells AMAZING! Bae loves to sniff my skin when I have this on ;)

2. Pure Marula Oil- When I chose this, I was reconstructing my skin and I wanted something to keep my skin moist overnight and Ajali gave birth to pure Merula oil.

This is one of the lightest oils I've ever felt. Every so often, I check my skin to make sure my pores aren't being clogged and they aren't! This oil seeps really well into your skin and I always wake it with soft and supple skin! I NEED MORE! 

3. Ginger Konjac Sponge- This one I knew I had to get the first day I saw this brand. I'm a wimp so I've never wanted to use any of those spinning brushes on my face BUT I did want something that would provide some light exfoliation so this is perfect for me. The Ajali Konjac sponge comes in different variations that do/encourage different things and I chose ginger which brightens your skin (that's like my number one need) and I love it.

It's all natural,so it should be replaced monthly and it feels amazing on the skin. I always use it with a exfoliating scrub in the morning but some evenings, I rub it against my skin on it's own and it still cleans amazingly. it magic?


Here come to Brownie Points...

Appearance- 5/5 (packaging is light, simple, efficient)

Service- 5/5 (order arrived right on time, as promised, everything in tact and bubble wrapped)

Product- 5/5 (I actually can't ask for more)

Price- 4/5 (pretty reasonable all things considered)


Would I repurchase? YES. I'm sending in my order very soon!


Ajali Homemade naturals and spa is located on 11b Tokunbo Omisore in lekki Phase 1

Their phone number is +2348178919385


Quick Question...

Have you tried Ajali before? Would you like a coupon code?


Be Better Brownie!




4 Readers Commented

  1. Unyo August 04, 2016 | Reply
    😻 I want a coupon code But first how much did you get it 😥 The murala oil seems like something I need will look more into it but first.... How much were these products
    • Brownie August 04, 2016
      The sponge was 2,500, the oil was 3,000 and the cream was 5,000
  2. Chidinma August 04, 2016 | Reply
    Nice post sis. I've been eyeing @shopajali for a long time now and i've read a lot of reviews about them. Please share a coupon code. I'll love to try their product
    • Brownie August 04, 2016
      I'm working on the code or at least a giveaway,darling

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