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Bibs And Bows With Needlepoint

Prim And Proper For Summer

Written by: Bella Date: July 30, 2016

Dear Brownie,

Remember when I went to lagos some months back? I was flown in by Needlepoint, the brand to model for their summer colection: Bibs and Bows. FIrst off, WOW. I never thought the day would come that someone would want ME as the face of anything! I digress, as usual...


Bibs and Bows has been featured already on several sites including Bella Naija HERE ant the Guardian Life Magazine HERE so I won't bore you with the same write up but I must say, I am in LOVE with the collection! There wasn't a single piece I didn't want to take home with me but my pockets are only so deep,lol. I thought it wise to share some of the pictures on my site as well in case you haven't seen them anywhere else! 


A special thank you to everyone tagging me on pictures of me from this shoot, I really do appreciate all the love and yummy support! You are in my prayers always!


Where can I get the clothes...?


1. Their physical store- The store is located in Ikoyi, on Awolowo road!

9, Alhaji Kanike, Off Awolowo Road,
S/W Ikoyi, Nigeria.

Haven't seen it before? Here's their number to help! +2349021825454

2. Online- They have a very detailed website up so you can see the designs and place your orders if you deem them worthy! 

3. Social Media- they are uber active on their instagram so if you message there, you will be sure to get a quick response! Follow them HERE


Now Enough With The Formalities, I have a Quick Question...

 What outfit is your favourite? Can you guess which was mine?



Be Better Brownie!



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