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Dear Baby Blogger| Picking A Name

Written by: Bella Date: April 05, 2016

' Don't Panic..It's Just A Name, lol'


Dear Brownie,



I've received quite a number of emails asking me to go deeper into advice for newbie bloggers! And although I am in no position to do that, seeing as I'm a newbie blogger myself, I thought this could benefit me as well in some way!


So today, we're going to be talking about picking a name for your blog. Now before you have a panic attack, bear in mind that you can change your blog name ANYTIME! So don't panic! It's just a name...but then again, it's not! Here are some things to consider when choosing your blog name


Here We Go...


1. Keep It Simple and Catchy: The less complicated it is, the shorter it is, the better for you. It's easier for people to remember and find relatable. Also, work with alliterations if you can, it's more fun that way!  For example: '' versus '' 


2. Unique But Not Too Unique: I've found that unless it's a blog that encompasses many focuses, it's important to use key words that let people know exactly what they should expect. Your niche determines your name! eg, '' is obviously a style based website/blog. you dig?


3. Take Inspiration: You can find inspiring words everywhere! From a thesaurus to a name generator! The internet is indeed your oyster!


4. Search Your Name Online: before you commit to a name, check online to make sure it's not taken! sometimes, it may be available on blogspot or wordpress but not as a domain name (more on domain names later)


5. Ask Around: You need to know that it's okay to ask for second opinions from others. Someone could hear your choice and come up with one you like better! Ask me even!


In Conclusion...

A good name is:

a. Easy To Pronounce

b.Easy To Spell

c. Memorable

d. Unique

e. Easy To Read


Quick Question...

 What other DBB (Dear Baby Brownie)  post would you like to see? 


Be Better Brownie,



4 Readers Commented

  1. Indiana April 05, 2016 | Reply
    This is a good post! You should do one on best cameras for beginners! x
    • Brownie April 05, 2016
      That's a good idea, actually! Will get on with a techy one!
  2. Opeyemi Adeoti Ajayi April 05, 2016 | Reply
    Hello Bella. Am really exited to see that you've started the dear baby blogger series. Next thing i"ll like to know is how to be consistent in blogging!!
    • Brownie April 06, 2016
      I'm glad! ;) I'll add it to the list

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