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Blog Post Brownie Appreciation

What's A Kambi?

Azif Tells Us

Written by: Bella Date: August 06, 2016

Dear Brownie,


Do you know what a Kambi is? Well before you find out, I just HAD to be the one to let you know! I saw some of the pictures come up from a brand that I've watched grow for years and I just had to let you guys in on this secret, I mean I'm a brownie, you're a brownie! It's common sense!


What's A Kambi Though?...

The Kambi is an Hausa derived name which means Crown. The Kambi hats are carefully hand crafted hats from the upcoming brand AZIF. They are made from authentic fabrics and are carefully put together to please the eyes of anyone who beholds them.

The Kambi hats are generally made with everyone in mind to be able to style it from a casual look to a more classy look. The Kambi hats have similarities to some of the west African hats that are well known like the Kufi hats.


What Do These 'Kambi' Hats Look Like..?

 The Kambi hats are circular hats with no brims and attached to the back are adjustable straps which makes it easier if anyone with any size of head to rock them.

Three styles the grey suede, tan suede and the dark blue denim and suede. The sizes range from small - large but with the help of the strap it makes it adjustable to anyone. 

The Kambi hats were made to welcome the rebranding of The fashion brand Azif by creative Wavy The Creator. They stand as a representation of what is yet to come from this brand. They are well and hand crafted and of high quality. These hats will be officially released on the 15 of August but today here are some pictures to get a glance at what is to come!

To stay up to date on how the Kambi is rocked, hold on to these IG pages! You'll be glad you did! HERE and HERE


Quick Question..

How would you style the 'Kambi'? Which one do you like?


Be Better Brownie!




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