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I'm Tired

And A Bit Overwhelmed

Written by: Bella Date: August 18, 2016

Dear Brownie,

Yes you read right, I actually am tired. This summer has been a trying one for me and I honestly think what I need is a break, a real vacation from everything. So with your consent, I would like to have one week off everything. That means the next time I'll be active on social media (Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and yes, the site) will be on the 26th of August. I'm trying not to make too much of a fuss about it but I'll miss you.


It's my honest opinion that I just need to step back for a bit a re-evaluate things. Sometimes in life, we get very overwhelmed by every day things and trust me, I know when to hold them and when to fold them! Also, if you're on my snapchat (thebellaeffect), you will know that I'm currently camera-less. Yes...that happened. I'm slightly heart broken but like most things, I'm pretty calm about it.


I haven't been sleeping well either but that's another story...


So till next time,

Be Better Brownie,



2 Readers Commented

  1. Tosin September 01, 2016 | Reply
    Heyy girl! Is your camera back now and please, what name is it? I'm trying to get a new camera. I love you, by the way. #nohomo
    • Brownie September 02, 2016
      Hey boo! No, it's not but a friend of mine lent me hers! Mine was a canon 650, it's really good! Love you too boo! #plentyhomo

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