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'Corporate' Nigeria

Written by: Bella Date: March 21, 2016

'Corporate With An African Twist'

Dear Brownie,


I've always known I wouldn't end up stuck in a 9-5 BUT I have had situations recently, thanks to God and his hand in my life where I've had to dress up for a meeting. I absolutely hate the idea of dragging on boring office clothes and playing 'adult' so this is my idea of a corporate attire. Being a blogger, I can get away with it! If you're not, however, may I recommend a solid coloured crop top instead? You can also have all black underneath instead! Tis outfit makes you look fashion forward, savvy and very well put together! 

Ps. Why do I look so sun burnt?? BRUUUUH! Abuja sun is NO JOKE

Outfit Details...

All white is always the way to go. It's sharp, gets you noticed and accentuates your skin tone! And that's why I chose white as my base! White is also the most breathable colour there is ! (perfect for Abuja weather). My heels were not bought this way, lol! My sister painted them for me and I love the fact that they're different colours!

My crop top is the cutest thing ever! probably because it's dashiki material? If you're a veteran visitor of my blog, you've seen this before, haven't you?

What I'm wearing...

White Button Down- Ralph Lauren Men

White Cut Outs- Dorothy Perkins

Crop Top- Yard Stitch By Yetty ( formerly Haute Couture) on IG

Strappy Heels- River Island

Quick Question:

What Is Your Favourite Business Outfit?

Be Better Brownie!



6 Readers Commented

  1. Efe March 21, 2016 | Reply
    I love this outfit eventhough I can't pull it off
    • Brownie March 22, 2016
      You won't know until you try, darling! And thank you!
  2. Desiree April 05, 2016 | Reply
    You look stunning, Love the danshiki crop top !
    • Brownie April 05, 2016
      Thanks girl! It's of my favs
  3. Jasmine Howson-wright June 16, 2016 | Reply
    .You couldn't have said it any better @ 'dragging on boring office clothes' For me comfort is key and personal identity? now that, i cannot overemphasize (lol), so i do love this look even in the 9-5 professional kind of setting i happen to be in (i think i can find a way to get around that). Glad i checked out your site, its refreshing! kuddos!
    • Brownie June 16, 2016
      Thanks girl! You totally get it!

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