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Things I've Learnt About Natural Hair

Weird Things

Written by: Bella Date: September 29, 2016

Dear Brownie,


This was a long time coming, trust me. After two years of being natural, I've learnt some interesting things I didn't know before then. Since I'm taking my natural hair journey very seriously now, I decided to share them! 


If you're thinking of becoming natural, here are some things you should know:


1. Coconut Oil Isn't For Everyone Every time. I know, it's sad. When I first went natural, coconut oil and I were besties! Now, approaching my third year being natural, I find that coconut oil has started doing more harm than good to my scalp, leaving it dry and itchy and my hair brittle. It also seems to have that effect on my whole body all of a sudden. Did I over do it? it was all good just a week ago!!


2. Trimming Isn't That Deep. I started my natural hair journey thinking that I had to trim my hair every six months or more but I've found that in my case, that wasn't actually the case! My ends don't get as broken as is necessary so I find that cutting my ends just takes length away without any benefits. Do it when you need to, not when everyone said you should.


3. Lack of Definition in 4C. My hair is MOSTLY 4C and as much as it does amazingly well with twist outs and all that, it has no clear definition of its own besides what it is imitating. This can be kind of annoying because when it's wet, it just stays in mounds without any real curls but it's pretty manipulatable (is that a word?) so I guess we can forgive it! AND we get the best afros!


4. Hair Types Don't Matter. I used to think that hair type determined how you treat your hair and what you use on it. It does to an extent BUT everything remains trial and error. What works for your 4b hair may not work for someone else's.


5. More than one texture. Yes! Your ahir can have more than one hair type, see life! Sometimes, your hair starts off as one texture and then a part gets looser or tighter as your hair grows, sigh, it's a thing! My nape is officially 4B even though the rest of my hair is a strong 4C. Take that into consideration when you're typing your hair!


6. Difference between Moisture and Hydration. Yes, there's a difference! One of the first things you hear about when you're starting your natural hair journey probably has to do with moisture. Moisture this, moisture that, moisture, moisture,moisture. Hydration helps lock in moisture. Think of moisture as the oil based products that offer the nutrients and thing of hydration as the water based goodies that lock in and speed up the process. They both have roles to play and moisture without hydration for example can lead to the same dry and brittle hair you would have with no product at all! Weird, right?


I'll be sharing may more of these but these are the ones I can think of so far!


Quick Question...

What have you learnt about your natural hair in your journey?


Be Better Brownie!



2 Readers Commented

  1. Xyz October 12, 2016 | Reply
    Trimming regularly might not be for everyone but I would advise to atleast dust your ends things is with no trimming or dusting even you don't see the effect till it's long term then it's too late and you have to chop off a lot
  2. Nero February 08, 2017 | Reply
    okay great but at the initial stages of the growth of hair.. what did you do?

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