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Aunt Jackie's In Town!

New Natural Hair Products In Abuja!

Written by: Bella Date: October 03, 2016

Dear Brownie,


Being natural in Nigeria is a struggle, you aren't exactly spoilt for choice. Most especially in Abuja! It's been so difficult finding natural hair products that are both affordable and amazing and even though Cantu has done me good! (review on my cantu fourseome coming soon), sometimes you want something new! 

I loved the idea of Aunt Jackie's immediately because it's not mass priced like Cantu (1k and up) but it's not luxury priced like Shea Moisture (5k and up). I'd like to call it premium! (2,500 and up)


About Aunt Jackie's...

Their products are

- Eco-friendly



-Have no mineral oil

-Encourage moisture retension

-Possess natural oils and Butters


In other words, they're the perfect super foods with an equally perfect price!

What I love about them the most is that like Shea moisture, they have different ranges for whatever hair type or problem you may possess. How sweet, right?

What Immediately attracted me to Aunt Jackie's were the product names! I got 4 of their products and even though I'm yet to try them out (hair in protective style blues), I was so excited to tell you about them! **the products I chose were based on moisture mostly because my scalp is really dry and itchy**


1. 'Quench!' Moisture intensive Leave-in conditioner

I love leave in conditioner that has amazing slip, and this was one of the selling factors for this one!. This one possesses some of my favourite oils like extra virgin olive oil and shea butter, it even has marshmallow root to provide long lasting moisture and it doesn't feel heavy! *Allegely*



2. 'Oh so Clean' Moisturising and Softening Shampoo

This is said to be perfect for hard-to-manage hair. It gently cleanses, elongates, detangles and softens. Can you say 'Oh so Perfect...?'



3.'In Control' Anti-poof Moisturising and Softening Conditioner

It's meant to be amazing for deep conditioning and amazing softness. It has restorative and reconstructive properties. It helps liven up dry and brittle hair nd is meant to help elongate your curls when used before braid outs and other protective styles.



4.'Don't Shrink' Flaxseed Elongated Curling Gel

This gel is meant to leave your hair feelig soft and not crunchy like other gels. Falxseed is popular for helping with hair growth and overall scalp health. I'm hoping it makes my braid outs POP! I'll let you know how it goes!



ps. they all smell DIVINE



Where to Buy...

You can order your products online HERE

or check out the following places in Abuja:

1.Perfect trust (either in maitama or Wuse 2)

2.Invivo located in Ceddi Plaza



Quick Question...

Have you tried any of these or other Aunt Jackie's products before? How did you like them?



Be Better Brownie!



3 Readers Commented

  1. Mayowa November 05, 2016 | Reply
    Hey Bella! I love your blog. What's the price range for these products?
    • Brownie November 11, 2016
      Hey! They range between 3 to 4k
    • Brownie November 11, 2016
      Hey! They range between 3 to 4k

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