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Take Back Your Edges

My Experience

Written by: Bella Date: October 09, 2016

Dear Brownie,


If you remember correctly, I've made a post on WHY your edges go/went bye-bye and I got a trememdous amount of requests to solve the edge conundrum and that's what I intend to do in this post!


For the past two months, I've been all about fortifying and growing my edges (lost them at war AGES ago). I had noticed a while ago that in as much as the rest of the hair on my head has experienced tremendous growth, my edges had stayed just the same :( I decided that enough was enough!


The Process...


1. I started off my cutting out edge control. I know, hairsh right? I actually only started using gels again recently and only on extra special occassions. I noticed that these were HEAVY and suffocating on my edges and remained in bits DAYS after I had slicked down the poor babies. No air meant no growth. Instead, if i need a neat look, I go for shea butter and water, scarf down and hope for the best. this was, i'm moisturising my hair either way!


2. I began to separate my edges from the rest of my face. This sounds weird but Let me explain. I noticed that every morning and night when I washed my hair, all the soaps and masks would get stuck in my edges. Products that were made to often dry out my face or whatever were now lodged in my hair as well, therefore drying out my hair. Now, when i want to wash my face, I get something on my head to protect the babies.


3. Deep condition the edges. It's extra easy to forget this. You focus all your strength on the rest of your head and completely forget that the edges need love too! When my overnight deep condition is coming to an end (maybe 30 minutes or so), I take extra time and effort to re-apply some of my treatment to the perimeter of my head to give it a little extra food.


4. Invest in stimulating oils. What that part of your hair needs more than others is a little push in the right direction! I find that hot oil treatments and stimulting oils (the ones that have that peppermint feel to them most especially help to enocurage growth by actually stimulating your hair follicle. They basically say 'Grow baby! Grow!'

I'm still on the journey to fulfill my dram of extra full edges but these are the steps I'm taking thus far!


Quick Question...

What works for you?


Be Better Brownie!







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