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Dear Baby Blogger| What' The First Step?

Put It In Ignition!

Written by: Bella Date: December 13, 2016

Dear Brownie,


Happy second blog of christmas!!! I'm here to give you a little christmas present!

Blogging is a completely new world open to just about everyone. These days, all you need is a functioning smart phone to get the ball rolling! If you're anything like me, you want to come out of the door guns blazing, everything popping BUT that thirst for instant perfection can stop you from even starting!


Take a look at your favourite bloggers. Have you ever gone far back enough into their archives? You should! There's a HUGE difference between where they started and where they are now and seeing that grow makes it twice as amazing.


Without further a-do, Here's my 5 Brownie Points on kick-starting your blog!


1. Pick a name. Easy right? Wrong! This is by far the most important step to starting your blog .It is how you will be addressed for the duration of having said blog! I have a short read to help you pick the perfect name! Click HERE to read it!


2. Stock up on posts! It's important to start off strong AND consistent. So my advice is to stock up about 5-10 posts that you can keep scheduled starting from one a week. That way, you can monitor your engagement level based on these posts and the days you publish them and after 10 pots, you maybe even less, you will be able to figure a. What types of posts people like; b. What day you get the most viewership and; c. What time to post!


3. Choose a host site. There are MANY sites that offer free hosting to we bloggers OR you can go the independent (and expensive) route and self host! Check out Blogger, Wordpress and Weebly! Want me to choose for you? Let me know in the comments below


4. Get a camera or a really good phone (for picture takers only) It's great to start with amazing but sustainable quality, so as much as you think it would be nice to start with professional photos, can you keep that up? Think about it! It's time to borrow, blag and save!


5. Hold your breath and take the plunge. Putting up your first post is ALWAYS the hardest part, but once you get that over with, you're home free my darling! You can go the traditional route and start with an introduction OR you can just straight into something attention grabbing, the choice is yours but whatever you do, do it NOW


Seems too easy to be true, doesn't it? That's because there are children and grand children under each one of those headings! But no worries, every week, we will delve deeper and deeper into what you need to start out, do's and don'ts and all that good stuff!


Quick Question...

What do you need help with, baby blogger?


Be Better Brownie!



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