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The Perfect Twist Out

Tips On How To Achieve It!

Written by: Bella Date: October 08, 2016

Dear Brownie,

The age of 4c hair is upon us! 


Today, I'm sharing my fabulous tips on how to achieve an amazing twist out. **confession time** Twist outs have been the bane of my existence since I went natural. For some strange reason, I was never able to get my twist outs to look the way they did and I'm glad to say that I think I've hacked it! My twist outs aren't perfect just yet BUT I've definitely gotten to the point where its WAY better. What do you think?


The Crucial Twist out Tips...


1. Twist Properly. This is hard to explin in words but it's not enough to overlap two srands of hair and call it a twist (tutorial on how to twist, maybe?) you actually have to twist the strands of hair WHILE you're twisting, if that makes sense.


2. Clean but moisturised hair. The best time to attempt your twist out is when your hair has just been washed and while you're undergoing your LOC method. What I do is I substitute my regular CREAM for my Coconut Curling Cream from Cantu to let my hair know it's about to go down.


3. Use a gel. You want that definition? You have to use a gel to achieve it. Now, I'm most definitely not the biggest advocate for use of gel BUT I found one that doesn't dry out your hair and leave it crusty while still givign you the definition you need. I talk about the Flaxseed Gel HERE.


4.Better with Stretched hair. Here's the thing. You get more length when your hair is strethced out BEFORE you put it in twists. Is it compulsory? No


5. Twist Smaller sections. This is KEY. I usually go for twists smaller than or equal to my last finger for guidance. The smaller the sections, the more defined the twists will be. Those curls finnal be popping!


6. Protect your ends. Now, when youre done twisting, it's important to shield your tips or ends. You have two options. Either;

a. Create a small bantu knot at the end of your twists or;

b. Use a perm rod at the end of your twist.

This helps your ends stay moist as well AND stops them from becoming frizzy when you unravel your twists


7. Fluff, don't comb. Dude, don't comb out the curls you spent hours trying to achieve. Instead, fluff just the roots. This is a process and if you're patient enough, you will realise that the more you fluff, the fuller and more voluminous your hair becomes.


8. Only unravel twice. Each twist should only be unraveled twice if you can help it. By twice I mean once when you urnavel the two main strands and then once again for each strand. This helps you keep that definition you want!


9. Shake,shake and shake. This probably seems like the weirdest thing I've said all day but as you fluff your hair, give your head a little shake to ensure your curls are separated from eachother enough. 


10. Pull while you fluff. If youv'e been fluffing your roots for a while now and things seem to not be working out the way you want, try tugging on your curls WHILE you fluff. It gives you a little more length I promise!


11. Twist your hair in the direction you want it to fall. If you're hoping for a centre part, twist the hair to the side you want and keep it that way while it dries. You can pin thw twists down to your desired style or even just scarf in into that position. This will definitely get your twists in formation.


12. Last but certainly not least, let your hair dry COMPLETELY. Don't start taking out your twists when they arent properly dried. Don't play yourself like that. Just don't.


With these tips, I'm confident you can achieve your perfect twist out within hours BUT if this still isn't clear enough for you, let me know in the comments and I'll film an actual tutorial!


Quick Question...

Have you ever tried a twist out? How did it go??


Be Better Brownie!



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