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Intensive Wash Day Routine

With Some DIYs

Written by: Bella Date: February 14, 2017

Dear Brownie,


Why buy stuff when you can make them with what you have at home? Today I'm taking you through my wash day with some DIYs sprinkled in there (Salt bae style). I started trying out DIY hair treatments when I realised how EXPENSIVE it really is to take care of your natural hair! My hair is damaged/coloured and I suffer from dry/itchy scalp so this is my go-to remedy. I'm going to keep trying them out until I have an impressive library full of hair goodness! Have you seen my New Hair Resolutions by the way? Click HERE to watch that video!


Now, on to my wash day!



For the Pre Poo:

- Olive oil

- Avocado oil

- Coconut oil

-Vitamin E oil

- Vegetable Glycerin

- Shea Butter (melted)


All in small amounts



For the Avocado mask:

- 1 Egg

- Half an avocado

- Castor oil

- Olive oil

- Honey


All ingredients involved increase the shine and hydration level of your hair leaving it soft and bouncy!



What's your favourite Natural hair DIY? I'd love to try it!


Be Better Brownie!



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