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Then Vs Now [Tag]

I Tag Everyone Reading This!

Written by: Bella Date: October 28, 2016

Dear Brownie,


Since KJ had dubbed this the year of 'Realising things' , it's only far that as it draws closer and closer to the end, that we sit and re-evaluate how we're leaving things! This concept is what pushed me to come up with this tag: The Then Vs Now tag. 


Here's how you play...

There is a list of words. You need to compare your thoughts from before (maybe 3 years ago?)  to your thoughts now (yes, now) concerning these words. It's actually that simple. Think of it as a free therapy session. You'll be glad you did it!


Here are the words...

- Boobs

- Shoes

- Make Up

- Clubbing

- Friendships

- Marriage

- Boys

- Sex

- Work

- The future

- Drama


Here's my take on the amazing 11:

I tag...

I actually tag everyone that reads this to do this!


Quick Question...

What do you think? Did your thoughts differ from mine? Any in common? Let me know!!


Be Better Brownie!



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