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Men Wear VanKara

And They Rock It!

Written by: Bella Date: November 21, 2016

Dear Brownie,

In my mind I'm thinking 'How else will Mo know he's dating a blogger if he doesn't put in some work in front of the camera for once! Am I right?'

He's usually behind the scenes taking most if not all of my pictures but Mo was such a good sport taking these! It was interesting for me as well. I actually thought I had seen all the sides he had to offer but he still surprised me till date.


This post isn't sponsored, but if you've been a Brownie for a while, you will have seen my first VanKara post for the girls in which I had a giveaway. Don't remember? Click HERE! This time, Mo and I are hosting a christmas giveaway for the guys! (more on that below) 


I've talked about vanKara before and what they stand for HERE  so make sure you check them out and send love from us!


Now, for the giveaway! We're making it very simple for the guys. You can either enter as a guy that wants a VanKara cap, or as a girl that wants if for someone special. Here are the rules...


1.  You must be subscribed to my site to be eligible, to subscribe, click HERE

2. Comment under this post with the following information

- Who the cap is for (you, your brother, father, significant other, etc)

- How you would style the cap on yourself or on them

- Your twitter handle

3. Lastly, take a screenshot of the post and tweet it at us: @thebrowniebird  and @moss_2kriss with the #menwearvankara 


That's it!The giveaway winner will be announced on the 10th of December! More than enough time to get your gift to you with a personal message from us!

Open to Nigeria Only 


A big shout out to you guys for being so consistent with my site, and a bigger shout out to Mo for doing this for me and with me <3

Ps. If you want to advertise with or want us to review your product or service, send an email to for some information!



Be Better Brownie!





1 Readers Commented

  1. Davisfierce November 26, 2016 | Reply
    Hey Bella boo... so I am entering for the vankara giveaway lawd knows I needs me some of that lol. The cap is for me most Def! And I will style it like Moses did with an all black look but then add a jacket over my black tee and wear my black sneakers with it and step out in style lol

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