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Q: What Defines You?

A: TheDefinitionClothing

Written by: Bella Date: November 14, 2016

Dear Brownie,


Let's chat...

What defines you? Sometimes, it’s the friends you keep, other times, it’s what you invest your time in, maybe the colour of your skin,your hair, where you live? Other times, it’s simpy what you wear!

Today, I decided to be defined as a confident woman. Happy with her bod and comfortable in her own skin (hug self)


If you know me, you’ll know that this isn’t usually my style. `I’m not one for showing top skin (lol) but TheDefinitionClothing as a brand dared me. It literally put out this collection and pushed me straight out of my comfort zone. Sometimes, we need that ‘I dare you’ to realise that we create our own borders;Our own boundaries. Does this seem too deep a post for this outfit? Perfect!



About the brand…

TheDefinitionClothing features a lot of edgy pieces for what I’d like to call the modern fashionista! What I’m wearing in this post are pieces from their latest collection called ‘The Rebranded Collection’ 


They are officially based in Lagos but luckily for us, they are gradually being being stocked in shop365! 


Want to know more? Check them out on IG: @thedefinitionclothing



My thoughts...

Now, although these items were sent to me, this is not a sponsored post. I loved the look I got so much that I knew I had to give them props. I don’t shop anymore (i know, shocking) but they make me want to bring out a newer more daring Bella. 


Good quality pieces, excellent finishings and true to size. I have to admit that I was scared and excited to wear this one! It pushed me!



Quick Question…

What would your ‘I dare you’ outfit consist of?


Be Better Brownie!



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