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Currently, I Am...

Written by: Bella Date: March 22, 2016

Dear Brownie,

I got this amazing idea to do this Tag(?) from the Beautiful Ifeoma of !  I saw her put up a blog post doing it some months back and I just knew I had to. Like, I just HAD to!

So here we go, Currently I am…

Wearing : Nothing. Well, I’m wearing my rosary but I’m not sure it counts. I'm not a nudist, I'm just getting ready for bed! Let me know if you sleep in ‘the buff’ as well!! If you do, comment with the  #birthdaysuit and let me know!

Admiring :Fola of! I love her content, I love both her websites,  how colourful and unique she is and how in touch with herself she is! She’s my EVERYTHING! Well, God is my everything but you get it, don’t you?

Wishing : That I had my own studio right now! It would be so amazing to have my own space to film my videos,bake, edit posts you know? Maybe this year!

In Awe Of : My rekindled love for God, honestly. Every time I threaten to get lukewarm, He just reminds me of his love by doing something unexpected and undeserved. His mercies are renewed every morning!

Determined To :  Finish the academic year off with a sexy first class, get my channels to where I need them to be, organise my first girlie event (more on that soon)! 

Craving : Popcorn (salty+sweet) it’s something I’m OBSESSED with currently! Aaaah!

Excited To : Start working with some new upcoming brands, get my website stocked full of content and break for summer!

Feeling : Happy, Fulfilled, Saturated, Anxious, Hopeful, #blessed but of course!

Anticipating : My upcoming event! I'm still finalising plans but its happening during the summer!

Happy about : Putting myself out there more this year, I’m searching for opportunities and not living in constant fear of rejection/disappointment

Appreciating : Life! And my mother! We’re strengthening our relationship and I appreciate that so much

Irritated By : Nigerian taxi drivers. They have NO chill and I hate driving behind or beside them :(

Inspired By : Everyone out there doing what they love! Be it a 9-5, an entrepreneurship project, I'm inspired by seeing those I love doing what they love. Fashion wise, however, I’m totally inspired by Ada of because she dresses the way I’ve always wanted to!

Planning : My blog year with my Cassie Daves Blog Planner :)

Loving :  My transparent jellies! They go with my every where and make me look like a primary school child but I just cannot get enough!!!

Regretting : Eating a slice of my moist chocolate cake at this time of the night! I will literally be bouncing off the walls for the next two hours :(

Unsure about : How to proceed with my beauty channel! Do I want to continue it? Merge both my channels? 

Reading :  #bosschick like every other forward thinking boss chick! Have you gotten your copy? What do you think so far?

Listening to : Good Lotion by Lil Fizz (Love and Hip Hop is PEAK), love the song even though it’s pretty crass (so ashamed)

Alright, that's it for the questions! Here's mine for you!

Quick Question...

If money was not an issue, what would you be doing right now??

Be Better Brownie!



17 Readers Commented

  1. Anjola March 25, 2016 | Reply
    If money was no issue I would be in fashion school in Paris! Literally getting ready to sleep in the buff ☺️
    • Brownie March 26, 2016
      yaaas! #birthdaysuit lol! Oshey fashion school! I can envision it!
  2. Ifeoma March 25, 2016 | Reply
    I'd be in America making breakfast in a cute appartment with my buddy!! Nice Post
    • Brownie March 26, 2016
      lol @ 'buddy' :') Thanks darling!
  3. Thelma March 25, 2016 | Reply
    I love this post x If money was no problem I'll be designing every single day (obvs) and building homes for people in abusive environments to have a safe haven
    • Brownie March 26, 2016
      Wow, Efe! That would be so amazing! what a cause!!
  4. Jessica March 26, 2016 | Reply
    If money was no problem, I'd be spending my spring break in Togo or Ghana. Nonstop shopping would be fun too
    • Brownie March 26, 2016
      It's a dream of mine to travel to all the countries in Africa, sigh* Shopping WOULD be fun, lol
  5. Tunrayo March 27, 2016 | Reply
    Do you have 2 YouTube channels at the moment because I think I only follow one? If money wasn't a problem, I would be in Zanzibar or the Maldives chilling on the beach, reading a novel.
    • Brownie March 27, 2016
      i do have two,lol! And please take me with youuuu
  6. Chi March 31, 2016 | Reply
    If money wasn't a problem, I'd spoil my mum and boyfriend (and his mum) silly. They have been so amazing and I thank God for them everyday. I love your two YouTube Channels. I love the way they are different but almost similar. I pray you get inspiration for your beauty channel. It'll come to you. No worries!
    • Brownie March 31, 2016
      You're so sweet thinking about others before yourself! I know the feeling and I totally think that's what I'd do as well to be honest. And thank you so much for your words! I pray I find the inspiration I need as well! God bless you for me darling <3
  7. Eric April 11, 2016 | Reply
    You had me at "birthday suit". Great blog dear
    • Brownie April 11, 2016
      lol, of course I did!
  8. malak May 16, 2016 | Reply
    hi brownie, I have been watching you since you started your vlog channel ....since the time it was called belllum vlogs*giggles*....i still watch it and enjoy doing so... you"re a very good source of inspiration to young people like me and i want to thank you for that...concerning the thought of merging your channels, in my opinion i don't think you should because its more interesting to watch both channels also enables people decide what content of yours they want to see. i know that its stressful to keep both channels going but you're a brownie, as a matter of fact your MAMABROWNIE so nothing should be too much for you...i know you can do it so keep up the good work ...............xoxoxoxoxo P.S i know i was getting boring at some point but i just wanted to say my thoughts*winks*tongue out* lots of love love from a random lightie *winks*kizzezzz*
    • Brownie May 16, 2016
      haha! thank you so much for your ultra sweet comment! as per oG Brownie up in the house! Everything you said is what I strive to do and becomes, I really appreciate you telling me this and giving me a boost. You are loved
  9. Jane September 11, 2016 | Reply
    hey brownie, you are such an OG like girrrrrllll you slay this course and thats whats up. i wanna start my blog soon but i dunno how to keep up. Any ideas?? and where did you get your transparent jelly bags from?? Lol help a sisterrr

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