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3 Steps To A Budget-Friendly Valentine's

Get Some Love On A Budget

Written by: Bella Date: February 03, 2017

Dear Brownie,

Valentine's day is upon us and although I don't usually partake in this celebration, February has become such a major month for me! (February 2nd is M's birthday, 14th is Valentine's Day and the 22nd is our anniversary (And if we're being extra, my birthday is TECHNICALLY on February 30th AKA March 2nd)) so yes, it's become my thing! And this year, I've decided to bring my A game. Unfortunately, I'll be writing exams on M's birthday so for me Valentine's day is going to be a double celebration, you know!

As a student, I don't have nearly enough money to do what I'd actually love to do for him, but I've constructed some cute budget friendly 'packages' that should do the trick and I'm hoping this gives you some inspiration guy or girl to do something a little special for your love!


Step 1: The Gift

DIY Presents. Remember how when you were in grade school, you'd get cardboard from your teachers to make christmas cards? This is not the same thing. Thanks to the internet, there is an ARRAY of DIY Valentine's day presents that are not only cute and affordable, but personal and thoughtful (Unless your significant other is extra superficial and not very emotional :( can't help you there) Here is a list of some of the amazing DIY ideas I've found online and direct links to them! We have to stick together!:

- Things I love about you JAR

- A photo frame with a picture of both of you in it

- 'On the Hour' Letters

- A Valentine's day care package with all the things they like (candy, candles, socks, etc)

- Hand Painted Personal Mug

- A Cute Love Plant

- Matching pillows with cheesy sayings


The list is literally endless! When you've gotten the presents down, next is the date!


Step 2: The Date


The Breakfast in Bed/House date. Instead of forking over thousands of Naira or whatever currency, why not be extra sweet and make them their favourite meal in the comfort of yours or their house? It'll be comfortable, you know what they like and it will definitely be cheaper than going somewhere that will most likely be overbooked and understaffed on this particular day.


The Picnic date. Land is free! Pack a basket (yes, it has to be a basket of your lover's favorite treats, a blanket, some speakers and get in your car and drive! It could be a place you've scouted beforehand like a park or you can pick out a place on your romantic drive while munching on these yummy goodies!


The Home Movie Date. Set the mood, dim the lights and fancify the concept of netflix and chill! Put his or her favourite movie on, make some popcorn and some hot chocolate and get cozy while the rest of the world struggles outside!


The Zoo Date. You know your picnic basket? Bring it along and go to a zoo! It'll be cheap to get in, there will most likely be no one there and you can have the animals all to yourself! Don't forget to pack a camera for cute #goals pics if you're into that!

Now that the date is out of the way, you have one more step to make this the ultimate valentines day. We will call Step 3 'The Closer'


Step 3: The Closer

A long romantic walk. Burn the food you've consumed while the sunsets and everyone is in a great mood. This could also be the perfect time to give that one extra special present you've been hiding!

Ice cream/ Frozen yogurt. Like the day wasn't sweet enough, stop at his or her favourite ice cream place and treat them to a treat to end the day extra sweet.

The Letter. This is my personal favourite. This is either your first valentine's together or it isn't, either way, it's extra special, a letter is significant and ulike a text, you can hold the words in your actual hands and keep them!

I hope I've gotten your gears turning on how to make this the best Valentine's day that you and your partner have had! And guess what, you still have 13 days to make it happen! You're welcome!!



What are you doing this Valentine's day?


Be Better Brownie!










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