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3 Secrets To An Amazing Year

It's About To Be An Good One!

Written by: Bella Date: February 06, 2017

Dear Brownie,


As a proud Nigerian, I'm still here wishing you a happy New Year! Yes, at the end of the month of January! This month has been a long one (we have 5 mondays!g *gag*) and our new year resolutions are hopefully still very free in our minds? *hint* *hint*?


I know how easy it is to start going downward after a long and possibly trying month (trust me, I've been there) and today,I'm sharing with you three secrets that will UNDOUBTEDLY make your year an amazing one. Ready? Here we go! Ps, Click on the picture check list so you can have a copy of these to hang wherever you want!


1. Keep it 100. Seems pretty easy but it's perhaps the toughest thing I'll ever ask a Brownie to do. What I'm charging you with is HONESTY. Be honest. All the time. It sounds impossible but it's quite an experience to make the impossible possible. When you don't lie, you walk around with a lighter heart. In fact, you float! Nothing is holding you down because you are constantly telling the truth. One week of being as honest as possible makes you so sensitive to the small lies you tell here and there and helps you stop them when needed. 


2. Keep Saying YES. This is your year of taking large leaps and taking disappointments in your stride. Saying yes helpes you never misss out on opportunities and trust me, opportunities will come! Did someone ask you to do something almost impossible. Try it! The fear of failure is much greater than failure itself.


3. Keep Praying. What do you believe in? Cling to it. The world is getting scarier everyday and it is not to late to find your faith. I cannot tell you how many times the love of God or the knowledge of God has kept me going when I thought it was all over. Calm yourself and reach out to your God. What do you have to lose?


These secrets may not have been what you were expecting. I do hope that they were what you needed. Need a reminder? I have a printable version you can put in your locker or on your wall!



What's your happiness secret?


Be Better Brownie!



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