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An African 24 + Life Update

With Spring Stitches

Written by: Bella Date: March 03, 2017

Dear Brownie,


Can we consider this a birthday post? I just turned 24! It's a bit surreal, not because it was unexpected but because I could never have guessed this was how my 23rd year would go. It's been blissful and I have to admit that I'm better for my 23rd year. In fact, I'm excited for what 24 has to offer! 

Amidst the talks of getting older, getting married and getting money, I believe that I have indeed found myself and I love who I'm becoming!

-I started or restarted a series on my youtube channel called 'Uncut' where I give my raw thoughts about things that come to mind. First one is

and I'm dedicating this year to being more unfiltered, less politically correct.


-Also, I'm prepping to go into my final year of univeristy and if you've followed my story,you'll know just how much of a victory this is for me!


-My mum got me the most amazing present ever! It defintiely exceeded my expectations but more on that later!


On to my Outfit...

First time I saw Spring Stitches on IG, I thought Ankara worn the right way. The pieces looked so clean and well tailored, which is NOT something to expect from Nigerian brands anymore (no shade). As soon as they sent me a message, even before I picked what I wanted, I knew it was going to be a HIT back-to-back! And I was right!


You can tell that for the team at Spring Stitches, it's more that the style,its about the tailoring and the finishing as well. Best part is that they shipped it to me all the way in Abuja! And it literally took like two-three days!


Allow me to introduce you to the ÀRÁ. This the cutest off shoulder piece I have so far! And you know how much I love me some off shoulder goodness. Its comfy, I love the choice of print and it even came with a choker! How cute!!!


I picked the dress because I've never had anything like it. I was asked for my size and it fit me almost as snug as a glove. 


How the ÀRÁ makes me feel...

Honestly, I feel like an African queen. The first day I wore it out, the eyes that followed joke. I'm searching for another amazing opportunity to wear it!


How can I get mine?...

They have a comprehensive Instagram Page: SpringStitches that has all their styles displayed by amazing models and customers. Click HERE to go straight there!


Don't have IG? Call them up! 07087548163 to order!


Don't forget to tell them I sent you!



What's your favourite way to wear Ankara?


Be Better Brownie!




2 Readers Commented

  1. Ceecee June 22, 2017 | Reply
    Hey, what did you use to dye your hair? Cause I really love the color 😍😍
  2. Tiya January 17, 2018 | Reply
    I love off shoulder ankara tops. There's just something about it..

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