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Chasing The Nordic Feeling

The Blogger Point Blogcation

Written by: Bella Date: April 05, 2017

Dear Brownie,


I went on blogcation guys!!! I’m sure you’re wondering how I got to stay over in the number 1 hotel in Nigeria (you heard me) without having to pay a penny. I walked into Nordic Hotel with wondering what the Nordic feeling was. Here’s the story:


The Back Story…


One of the great things about being a member of the Blogger Point is that there’s always someone looking out for your interests as a blogger. I was contacted by them asking if i was interested in going on blogcation! It was an all expense paid experience and I could not say yes quick enough. Before I knew it, I received the itinerary and I was packing my bag for my one night extravaganza at Nordic hotel!


The Beginning…


We were scheduled to have a welcome ‘home’ talk with Jon, the co owner at 3pm so I decided to be my regular military brat self and get there an hour early *points for good behavior*. Now this meant I got time to photograph the GORGEOUS surroundings and fill out my forms without being rushed and met Jonas, the co owner one on one.


I was served orange juice, water and a cold towel on a Copenhagen ceramic piece as is customary for the hotel in the lobby and I have to admit, I felt like I was in a spa. Finally, my fellow bloggers Grace and Portia arrived and we were ready to get things popping!


I had more than enough time to investigate the lobby, which is your first hint at what the Nordic feeling could possibly be. It featured minimalist pieces (all purchased but put together personally by the staff) that gave it a sense of airy perfection and right in the middle of it all, there was a distinctive white book case with games, books, magazines and more glorious and no doubt custom made pottery.


The Intro…


Talking to Jonas helped me start my search for the Nordic feeling on a good note. While discussing the furniture and aesthetic of the gorgeous boutique hotel over bubbly, I asked him what the Nordic feeling was and he gave me a cheat sheet. Nordic Hotel was built on 4 pillars, the first and most important one being the staff. Before he said this, I have to say that I noticed that everyone that worked at the hotel had a spring in their step! They worked together to make sure that Nordic was your home away from home. I scribbled that down and went on with our tour. Nordic is Luxury that can be attained. The minimalist and secluded feel of it makes for a peaceful retreat away from the hustle that is Abuja and I loved that it felt and was exclusive.


Just as I thought it couldn’t get more amazing, Jonas informed us that they also hosted events, recycle and supported various Nigerian charities! What???!!





The Room…


After our meeting, our questions and our bubbles, we were all escorted to our rooms and given our keys. My bell man was also sweet enough to show me how the TV worked, where all the remotes were (I have issues with technology, lol) and left me to relax for 15 minutes before we got a tour of their partner business, Blu Cabana. The room was nicely spaced out, white and minimalist themed with a big double bed, side lamps, a desk, a cute reading area and a beautiful view of the grounds! I have to admit, the Nordic feeling was sneaking up on me! After diving on my bed and filming a little room tour, we were off to Blu Cabana.


The Meal…


The walk from Nordic Hotel to Blu Cabana was a short but blissful one. Jonas left us in the able hands of the manager of Blu Cabana Johnny who sat us and made sure that all our possible needs were met! The ambience was simply breathtaking and of course I insisted that we had to sit right next to the pool. The staff was sweet and Johnny even offered us come complementary sushi, which I forced my fellow bloggers to try. they may never forgive me! Since we had food vouchers, it was a struggle not to stuff our faces with everything available. As the sun set, we promised ourselves that we had to come back in our swim suits to get some pictures!



The Nighttime…


I kid you not, the hotel lights up in the nighttime. When we got back from our late lunch, I almost felt like I was in a different place. It felt warm and even more Home-like than when we got there. it was also quite. The lobby had turned into a kind of quite chill/reading area for some of the guests and we the bloggers three retired to Grace’s room to have our Live Q and A with you lovely Brownies and others! The Blogger Point made sure we had lots of fun and interactive questions to ask and by the time we were done, I was more than ready to dive on my bed and not get up till morning!


The Morning After…


I woke up extremely hungry for the complementary breakfast so I banged on Grace and Portia’s doors until they put on some clothes and went with me for breakfast. I had Greek yogurt, an omelet, pineapple and watermelon juice and some ginger tea. It was blissful and by the end of it, I was itching to write this post on capturing the Nordic Feeling. After getting back from breakfast, i did a mandatory sweep of my room, checked out and left the Nordic Boutique Hotel feeling like I was saying good bye to an old friend.



What is the Nordic Feeling…?


Nordic gives you a feeling of being ‘At Home away from Home’. There’s a heavy sense of community between the staff and a sense of mutual respect between the guests and the staff that makes for the positive flow of energy I felt as soon as I entered the hotel.


 It’s the warm smile on the receptionist’s face when you walk in to check in, the yummy orange juice you receive as you wait for your room to be ready for you that makes you feel like you belong here, the detail and attention put into securing the best room for you, the peace and quiet you don’t get in a conventional hotel. It’s a combination of all these and more. Brownies, by the end of my blogcation, as I drove away from the gates of the Nordic Hotel, I knew I had not only felt the Nordic feeling, I had been part of it.




Here are Some Brownie Points…


Price Range: Luxury, only 30 rooms available!

Service: Exemplary! Sweet staff

Location: Private, Secluded

Room Size: Adequate, get your money’s worth

Room Style: Minimalist and Functional, cute and fresh

Breakfast: Yummy, more yogurt please!


Over all, after a lot of thought, I’m offering the Nordic Boutique Hotel 4.5 out of 5 Brownie Points!




Thank you so much to the Blogger Point for putting this together for us! We had an amazing time! Are you a blogger and not yet part of the blogger point? What are you waiting for?


Head over to their website HERE


And follow them on social media!

IG and twitter: @thebloggerpoint



Also a huge thanks to everyone at Nordic Hotel for making me never want to leave!



Want to Know more about Nordic Hotel?


Nordic Hotel is located in Mabushi At BluCabana Plot 1322 Shehu Yaradua Blvd., Abuja


Keep up with them on Social Media!

Instagram: @nordichotelabuja

Twitter: @nordichotelng

Facebook: @nordichotel



Have you ever been to Nordic Hotel? What was your experience?


Be Better Brownie!





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