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On A Shirt!

Written by: Bella Date: May 02, 2017

Dear Brownie,


...Wear it like you mean it.

It's been forever, hasn't it? I've missed you so much! I'm honestly back logged with school work but this is a new month! Let's get back into it!

Today, I'm reviewing a start up company called The Tee Hub Nigeria because they may just be the answer to my prayers,lol. I'm a sucker for upcoming Nigerian brands as I'm sure you've noticed and this one is no different! I was contacted by them when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do for an idea I've been bouncing around which is creating merchandise for my brownies! They were kind enough to make a shirt for me saying exactly what I wanted to say! Now, let's get into the review!







The Stats!

Customer Service- Customer service was impeccable and this is what I love about smaller companies. They are always so attentive and the Tee Hub was no different.They were extremely professional, I got responses quick and they were so attentive and polite! It was honestly a joy communicating with them. (5/5)

Product- I loved the feel of the shirt and I've worn it three times already minus taking the pictures. The printing was just the way I wanted it. the only issue I had was that the line seemed to have a little break in it, no big deal, barely noticable. (4/5)

Delivery- The delivery was quick and came in such a cute bag! AND they sent me an adorable card that had a brownie on it! I love personal touches like that and I appreciate the gesture (that alone makes me want to order more shirts lol) They are based in Abuja but they deliver nationwide which is amazing! (5/5)

Price Range- Now, the shirts cost between 4-5k a pop. Now, honestly I think this is a bit pricey but considering you can legitimately put anything and everything you want on it, I guess that makes sense! And the shirt is really good quality so I guess that makes sense as well. (3/5)

Overall Comments- I loved the whole experience and it helps that I've already gotten compliments and gotten spotted in the t-shirt. I can't wait for them to expand and go into mugs and ohter products. I definitely think that their services are needed, I always find myself wanted to get something made personal and struggling to find where to do it! Good job answering to our call, The Tee Hub! 

Would you like to say something? Let them help you!

Hit them up on instagram! @theteehub_ng and you can find all their contact details on there!


Thank you so much to The Tee Hub for sending me this extra cute shirt! Will I be ordering from them again? Definitely!



Would you like to buy my t-shirts if I made them? Let me know!


Be Better Brownie!




2 Readers Commented

  1. Fade May 02, 2017 | Reply
    Loooveee this Tee and how you styled it. Yes please! take all my money. When are you launching the Tees?
  2. Alison May 02, 2017 | Reply
    Love the idea of personalising a T-shirt but Bella we need the details on your skirt. Thanks 😄

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