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10 Ways To Feel Like A Princess Again

With Mesh Cutz

Written by: Bella Date: May 04, 2017

Dear Brownie,


Lately, I’ve been having small bouts of depression. This usually happens when I become overwhelmed with life and all it takes out of me. I end up feeling not beautiful, insecure and just plain unhappy and because of how I’m set up, it always shows. 


Today’s post is powered by Meshcutz and we’re going to be giving you some tips on how to return to princess status after having a bad run. Who are they you might ask?


They are a ready to wear outfit designed to fit the beautiful, confident, stylish woman who loves to stay elegant in bold yet affordable clothing. You can imagine why they were the perfect for this post! This particular collection of which they sent me some gorgeous pieces, is dedicated to their friends and family who have supported them thus far. Makes me warm and fuzzy inside! More on them later.


Now, on to tips on how to feel like a princess again:


  • Take a relaxing bath. Whip out the candles, put on some music, set up a bubble bath and just read a book in the bath. It calms your body which in turn calms our mind.


  • Pray girl! Probably the hardest but most useful thing to do when you don't feel quite like yourself but DO IT!


  • Partake in a time consuming activity. My room mate cleans when she needs to feel better, I work out, others eat candy


  • Do it yourself spa day. Facial mask, body wrap, you can do it all!


  • Put on some make up! It always makes me so much better


  • Take a nap. Things always seem better somehow after a good nap


  • Get some ice cream. Sugar has a way to getting spirits up!


  • Watch cartoons. Being a child again is always a good way to remind yourself of the good times


  • Dress up and go out! This  Kami Wide leg jumpsuit definitely made me feel like a million dollars. I was stopped three times. Did it's job! Thanks, Mesh Cutz! And yellow is my favourite colour so that helps!


  • Buy yourself something nice! Like this jumpsuit for example! Now, don’t go overboard and buy something huge, mesh cuts pieces range from 6,000 to 15,000 naira so you can look gorgeous without breaking the bank. Can you say sensational?

Get yourself a treat from Mesh cutz! Head over to their IG page @Meshcutzenterprises and/or call or whatsapp them up to order at 07063166022 


Quick Review...

Product- The piece is sturdy and well made. It's almost heavy in a good way (5/5)

Price point- I'd place them at adequately priced. Gorgeous pieces at premium pricing = happy brownie!(5/5)

Customer Service- They were so responsive and kept me informed all through the process.(5/5)

Delivery- Delivery took less than a week and arrived directly at my door with little or no directions just the way I like it.(5/5)




What makes you feel better on a bad day?


Be Better Brownie!




1 Readers Commented

  1. Maudleen May 15, 2017 | Reply
    I thought it was a blouse and pants until you mentioned "jumpsuit". It's very beautiful on you. Shopping makes me feel better on bad days. Ice cream too. DaFashionFreak

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