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Two Girls, One Maju

Styling Pieces From Maju

Written by: Bella Date: July 15, 2017

Dear Brownie,


I'm not sure at what point I found Maju but I knew that a collaboration with the brand would get my creative juices flowing again. Before I agree to work with any brand, you can be assured that I WILL check out what they have and Maju has an amazing easy to navigate site that put me at so much ease!I actually found it hard to pick just two outfits.


 Check it out HERE


On to the Pieces...

The first piece is called 'The Maya Bomber' . It's a lightweight, easy to slip on blouse/jacket that can literally be a cover up or an actual blouse. It comes in black as well but I chose white because I'm an angel!  It makes me feel sexy and almost invincible everytime I put it on. I got mine in a size SMALL,  Buy yours HERE


The second set is my all time favourite. If it wasn't such a signature set, I would most likely wear it! This one is called the 'Tessy Set'. I can't explain how this set makes me feel! If you ever wanted to describe me to anyone, this outfit would do it: Girly and bohemian with an edgy feel. I like the pieces separtely but I ADORE them together. Who comes up with these things? I would NEVER have thought! Want one? they come in three different colours! Check them out HERE

Before I leave, here's my quickie review...


Price- I consider them premium. So not cheap enough to be mas but alos not so expensive that it's luxury. In other words, perfect for a millenial that wants to look AMAZING without breaking the bank - 5/5

Delivery- Delivery was QUICK and I live in Abuja. It was delivered directly to my house as well which I can't complain about- 5/5

Quality- The quality is pretty good, especially for the price point- 4/5

Customer service- I enjoyed GREAT customer service and no, it's not because I'm a blogger. You can tell these things after a while, you know?- 5/5


Availability- Things go out of stock so quick and it seems like they take FOREVER to be restocked. I've been eyeing some of their slides for so long and I'm still waiting for them to come back in stock :( - 2/5



What piece is your fav? Have you ever shopped maju before? 


Be Better Brownie,





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