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The Party With A Purpose

Delusion By LDI

Written by: Bella Date: July 19, 2017

Dear Brownie,


Today is slightly different in that it's been a while since I put up any kind of event on my site. This is because it's so hard to get behind certain things, you know? I never want to be seen as publicising something I don't want to go for or believe in but today, I have a new event to tell you about!

An event company called La Diva Inc consisting solely of young woman has decided to take a stand for women empowerment in a unique way. 

About LDI...

La Diva Inc. (LDI) is a corporation consisting of young females. A corporation that focuses on event planning and women empowerment.They support, celebrate as well as showcase young and striving females who are starting to make a name for themselves. We encourage females to become entrepreneurs and to believe in themselves. 


This year,they will have another event called "Delusion". It will hold on Thursday the 27th of July at The Bank, Abuja and will start by 3pm. For this event we have a target audience of youths. Now, it's not going to be just a party, it's a party with a purpose. 


What's the point...?

Their aim is to bring together both genders in a way that is positive and justified and I hope you'll be there. The event is going to be a mass market event and will give youths from different walks of life and social circles an opportunity to socialize and network.

After "Delusion" their plan is to have a women empowerment forum that focuses in giving woman a voice in industriees that are otherwsie dominated by men. The event and entertainemnt industries for example. "Delusion' will help create awareness for the more important cause and give an adequate platform for what the corporation stands for.


Who are they working with...

For an event of this nature, it's only right that there are partners helping to get the word out and getting the event off the ground. Some of these partners include:


· Agon Abuja


· The Lipher's Club 


· King Pexxie


· Pulse Nigeria


· Edgemax Media 


· Play House 


· Campustalkative, amongst others.


How Can I Show Support...? 

You should come! Engage, Relate and of course, have fun for a good cause! For more information, check out the flier, it has all you need to know!



When last did you support a woman in a way it counts?


Be Better Brownie!



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