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3 Quick Steps To Summer Hair Growth

In Partnership With Nigerian Natural

Written by: Bella Date: July 31, 2017

Dear Brownie,


Summer is always just a LITTLE more stressful on your natural hair especially if you're planning to rock it for most of it! You know how I feel about having my fro out and this means I find myself CONSTANTLY having to battle with dryness and tangles almost on a daily basis!


I reached out to Natural Nigerian to partner with me to bring you amazing, healthy and natural ways to take care of your hair! In this post, we'll be focusing on growing our hair. The most important step to doing that is obviously protecting your hair against the harsh weather conditions that bring about dry and crumbly tangled ends and for this purpose, I've whipped out three (yes, just THREE products) and they help me revive my hair in three easy steps:


Step One: Leave in Conditioner- Girl! GIRL! First off, can I say how much I love leave in conditioners with pumps?!! This one is amazing! I love the size because it works for travel and it looks extra cute on your dresser. The smell is so yummy and yes, it is creamy and gives the slightest bit of slip! Want it? GET IT HERE


Step Two: Oil- Now, I didn't want to just go willy nilly and choose a random oil. I wanted something that would encourage my hair (especially the front bits) to grow and flourish. This stimulating and strengthening hair oil  'is a herb packed, all natural route for strengthening hair strands. Stronger hair strands lead to less breakage thus, supporting hair growth' - A direct quote from the site. I love rubbing/massaging this into my scalp and also using it to coat my ends. It also smells pretty good for an oil! Why haven'tyou ordered it yet? DO IT HERE

Step Three: Cream- This is probably the most amazing smelling out of all the products. When I started using it, my siblings thought I had just finished baking a batch of vanilla cupcakes! Its thick but lightweight and it gives your hair styles the definition you want without any flakiness or crunch and keeps your hair soft and edible, wink! Hungry? BUY IT HERE


Natural Nigerian has so many amazing products and I love their brand and wanted so badly to work with them not only because they are proudly Nigerian but because I can trust anything they put their name on and that's so important when dealing with your body. Check out their site hich is packed full of information and healthy alternatives to hair, skin and yes, even beard care HERE

Of course, they also have a very active instagram page: NaturalNIgerian

I want to give special thanks to their team for partnering with me for this post! Expect a couple more spread through out the summer!



What hair porblems should we help you solve? Comment it below!


Be Better Brownie!



1 Readers Commented

  1. Ruth August 01, 2017 | Reply
    Ayeeee!!! Thanks for the tips , I'm a lazy naturalista, always wearing wigs, detangling my hair, is just tiring, but I'll try this.

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