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The Plaid Fad

With KT Davids

Written by: Bella Date: August 04, 2017

Dear Brownie,


KT Davids is an interesting up and coming clothing brand that contacted  me to review their services and I couldn’t be happier that I did. I can’t begin to stress how important it is for brands to seek help from influencers and for bloggers to create long lasting relationships with brands that in-vibe the same level of consistency and quality that they look for. This summer, I’m dedicated to creating mutually beneficial relationships with up and coming brands and an up and coming brand myself because if I can help, I always will. Enough of that chatter, Let’s talk about KT Davids:


K.T Davids hopes to bridge this gap by selling all our pieces for less than 10,000 Naira. Eventually, we hope to have stores across Nigeria and sell different pieces such as the casual/everyday look i.e Tops, Pants, Jumpsuits and so on, Corporate outfits, Wedding Guest outfits etc all 10,000 Naira or less. Something along the lines of their own New Look, H&M, Forever21 and so on. Since they are just starting out, it will be an online store for now, taking orders mainly through their Instagram account, then through their website which we are currently working on. 


With that in mind, I was offered a pair of trousers with the option of choosing the print I would prefer and I jumped at this print because, why not? I love the idea of plaid/tartan because the print gives the look of ‘fashionable’, especially as bottoms without even trying. Here’s what I think:


Brownie Points:


Quality: I have to say I love the fabric, it was comfortable and breathable. The only issue I had was that a thread got snagged the first day. I can’t say if its the fault of the fabric or mine but I didn’t do much to cause it 3/5


Price range: This falls in what I refer to as premium pricing, not so cheap that it’s considered mass (think primark) but not expensive enough to be considered luxury (think gucci). Perfect pricing for a young adult with a limited budget trying to fill their closets with chic  pieces 4/5


Customer service: Customer service was amazing. I received emails back in timely manners. They were polite and attentive 4/5


Sizing: The sizing was spectacular! I’m currently between sizes so I’ve been very hesitant getting clothes but this was flattering and perfect cinched at the waist. 5/5


Overall: I love the style of the piece, the feel of it and the fit. I give it a 4/5



How Do I Get one?


Here’s their social media information:




To order, simply send then a direct message!




What’s your favourite pattern? What print would you like to wear as pants?



Be Better Brownie!



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