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The Golden Pamper Day

With SoClear Make Up

Written by: Bella Date: September 05, 2017

Dear Brownie,


I've been gone for so long, guess it's time to bring it back! I've been on holiday with my family (a few cheeky pictures coming up soon) and I really just wanted to immerse myself in the experience you know? Now it was mostly adventuring and being a cute AF tourist but for the days I had downtime, I was taking care of ME.


Before I left Nigeria (literally the day before), I received the cutest care package from SoClear Make up and Skincare, an all Nigerian Brand and I was so excited to try what they had to offer. (DISCLAIMER: All views are my own and although these were sent to me, I am not under contract to talk about them, just a heads up)


SoClear sent me a mix of beauty skincare items and I will get to the swatches at a later date if you're interested in seeing the make up but you all know my primary focus is and has always been my skin! I was so hype to see that there was one thing for face and other for body added to my care package! Let’s talk about them!


  1. The Gold face mask- Now this was a weird one! When I opened it, the power was whitish in color and the instructions said to mix it with honey and water and when I did, it turned into an amazingly yummy gold paste! The idea is that you apply it, wait for it to dry and peel it off but from my mixing, I can usually only rub it off. It makes my skin feel much tighter and my pores feel cleaned out. I’m not sure what’s in it but BRUH, If I could use it daily I would. 


BUT I do have concerns:


  1. There aren't exact directions on the packet so you kind of have to guess which I don’t like. I can't tell if I’m putting in too much or not enough. HELP!



B. The Coffee scrub- This one smells YUMMY! It's chucked full of healthy oils and of course coffee and since this isn't my first coffee scrub, It's just as messy as the rest. The mix is deepy exfoliating and washes off leaving a nice moisturised feel on your skin. 


Now for my Brownie points-

Product: 4/5 . I liked the products and I plan to keep using them to see what happens!

Customer service: 5/5. The back and forth was pleasant and everything was straight to the point

Delivery: 5/5. Delivery was swift and without struggle mehn

Price point: 4/5. Premium (both products retail for 2,500 each)


Would I buy from SoClear beauty? Definitely! I can't wait to show you the lipsticks they sent me as well, some of which you've seen me wear if you follow me on IG


Where Can I buy these?

SoClear has a popping INSTAGRAM page, see HERE

or go to @soclearmakeup



How do you pamper yourself? Share with me!


Be Better Brownie!





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