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Ei-Ffel In Love With Paris

In Grassfields

Written by: Bella Date: August 31, 2017

Dear Brownie,


Did you see the pun? I know, really cheesy! Now, I've been to Paris two other times before but this time, I really felt different. So different that I promised myself that if i ever got the chnace to live outside Nigeria, even for a year, I would move to paris. When a city and its culture hit you so hard, you feel like your life will never be the same, I think it's only right to acknowledge it.


Never been to Paris, here are my top suggestions for touristy things to do when you get there:

1. Buy tickets for the bus tours. Yes, cliche as it sounds, the tours take you everywhere and you don't need to walk unless you really want to! We got a 24 hour pass and we saw all the tourist attractions in that one day. It's worth it and you can hop on and off whenever you want to so no commitment

2. Sit and eat outside at a cafe. There's nothing more surreal about being in European cities like this one that eating half outside, half inside and people watching. With how multi-cultural Paris has become, it makes for interesting views and stories

3. Have dinner at the Eiffel tower. Now, this will require some kind of patience because the eiffel tower is ALWAYS full but when the lights come on at night, YOU want to be there with your loved one(s), eating a baguette and talking about how long the wait was to get there!

4. Get lost on the metro. This is a favourite of mine because you almost always fins somwhere exciting you wouldn't have known about either way. All cities have secret gems they don't advertise on the brochures

5. Buy some flowers at the local flower market. I love flowers so that's proably why this is on the list. There's nothing quite like haggling and having your choice of flowers wrapped up in brown paper and handed to you for yourself or a loved one. Am I over-romanticizing this?

6. If you're a premium shopper, hit the Champs Elysee. Not only is it packed full of your favourite designer shops, it. is. STUNNING. For bloggers and even plain old tourists, it's the perfect picture location.

7. Rent a bicycle and go cycling. Now this one, I wish I had the time to do. There's nothing quite like exploring the city of your dreams and getting a work out in as well, if you're into that kind of thing. There are public bicycle rentals everywhere.

8. Buy a book from one of those green boxes. This probably sounds extremely weird but ehrn you see them, you'll know. There are streets in paris lined with these semi-movable green boxes usually full of old records, old boos, post cards and more. I saw them on my tour and I really wanted to get down and buy something but I didn't have any time

9. Visit a Macaron store. Okay, this is ESSENTIAL. I'm tempted to say you should do it for the culture. Be it to post on the fram, or actually to eat, do it. They're everywhere and you need to try one!

10. Kiss a stranger. I didn't do this for obvious reasons but what a story that would make, meeting and kissing a stranger in Paris. How uber cliche and right up my alley!


Before I let you go, My outfit...

This dress is from grassfields and I have to say, I love the length and colour most of all. I felt like I stood out and that's kind of my thing! Didn't hurt that I was reppin' Africa at the same time you know? Get yours


Of course, you all will be the first to know if/when I move to Paris!



What is your dream city? Have you been there?


Be Better Brownie!



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