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Treat Yo Self!

At Laguru Fitness

Written by: Bella Date: October 10, 2017

Dear Brownie,

I need a break. How many times have you said that out loud or at least in your mind? I say it almost every other day. Sometimes life gets to you, you know? All the strains pile up and before you know it, you're searching just about anyhwere for some TLC (for you generation Z, that means Tender Love and Care). I was invited to check out a gym and spa in Utako some months ago and I had such an amazing experience, I've been planning a return. This post isn't sponsored, I'm just in a sharing mood!


Laguru Fitness and Spa is located in Utako, in a snug building right between Nkataa head quarters and BigH studios. When I first got the message from blogger bestie, Rhoda of Adohrsspeaks , I could not WAIT! We were offered two of three options: A pedicure, manicure and massage.I chose the pedicure and massage because I wanted pampering to kill me die.


When we arrived, we were offered tea and coffee, which we declined but appreciated. We met the staff and they got straight to work. Honestly,I was impressed with the pedicure but I was OVER THE MOON with the massage. I got a full body and by the time i was done, I just wanted to melt into everything I touched. When we tried it out, Laguru was open for the fitness but still perfecting the spa part. Downstairs has a fully functional fitness area with classes and the whole 9 while upstairs features a salon, a barber shop and a spa area. I definitely think it's worth checking out if you're feeling like treating yourself. Enough about what I think, let's get into the Brownie points!


Price: Very affordable. Most services range from 2,000 to 15,000 (most massages outside lagurucost even 30k) 4/5

Location: Kind of difficult to find if you're not using a map but easy as ABC with a map! 3/5

Customer service: Everyone was so nice and eager to please! 5/5

Product/Services rendered: Everything was to my liking, which is kind of difficult,lol. 5/5

Overall: I would love to go back for a full pamper day as well! and trust me, I'm saving up for it! 4/5



Describe your ideal pamper day!


Be Better Brownie!





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