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Slay Your Hair In Seconds!

With Naturalhairrockss_

Written by: Bella Date: October 18, 2017

Dear Brownie,

My snapchat went completely MAD when I made a couple of talking videos with my new hair! People were so engrossed in what was on my head that they completely missed what I was saying and like I wasn't already sold on my new hair style, this put m over the moon. Don't know what I'm talking about yet? It's my new wig from @naturalhairrockss_ on IG! Yes! A wig!


If you've been on here for a while, you definitely know that an afro has been my go-to style. I used to whip out my crochet pin and get to work on my head for some hours just to get it to look the way I want, but now, I have a better path to walk! This wig is everything! I'll talk more on it below and give a proper review!


**Disclaimer, although Natural Hair Rocks sent me these items, this is not a sponsored post. I made this post because people are genuinely interested in this wig most especially!**

Now before the wig, I want to talk about the ankara bonnet they sent me:

Price: 4/5: Very affordable N1,500

Quality: 5/5: Love the Ankara on the outside and Satin on the inside to help your hair!

Delivery: 4/5: Came in record time

Packaging: 4/5: Simply packaged

Overall: 4/5: I love this piece, its so snug and it stays on all night.Its really pretty as well,lol. I even wear it outside!


On to the star of the show, the 'Nene' wig!, Here's what I know:

Quality: 4/5: It's soft and plush and very versatile! It's full and almost everything I would want in a wig.The only thing missing is a closure

Packaging: 4/5: Sleek and simple, it comes in a plastic mono-pack with the logo on it

Price: 4/5: It's premium, going at N15,000 

Overall: 4/5: I loved everything about this wig. It has an amazing feel, I love the length, the hair is so soft and smells great and the band isn't too loose or too tight. It also comes with combs infront and behind to keep it secure


I've enjoyed wearing both items so far and I'm sure if you follow me on my social media:

Twitter: @thebrowniebird

Instagram: @thebrowniegram and

Snapchat: thebellaeffect


you would have seen me style it in so many different ways! In fact, there's a short video on my IG showing the three ways I like to style it! Click HERE to watch!


Be Better Brownie!




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