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What Black Soap Did To My Skin

Meet Nature Fair

Written by: Bella Date: October 20, 2017

Dear Brownie,


I’m a huge fan of experimenting. In the spirit of experimenting, I stumble upon a bunch of random or even amazing Nigerian products and this is one of those brands. Nature Fair approached me with a challenge, they’re an all natural brand that focuses on giving you the best organic skincare products. 'Try out our products for a week and let us know what you think'. I said 'Challenge ACCEPTED!'


So here’s a quick review of what one week of using black soap did to me. 


Day 1: I started off with a bunch of break outs, if you’re on my snap chat, you probably noticed. For some weird reason, I can’t find the annoying picture of that phase but it was bad for me. With my skin type, having 4 pimples at a go is a BIG DEAL. I only get break outs when I’m stressed or on my period. I had a lot of deeper pimples (meaning not on the surface) and I honestly got tired of EVERYTHING. I started off using the black soap that evening and its been so long since I used black soap. I’m not even sure why I stopped. Probably a mixture of the smell and how harsh I felt it got on my skin. I was pleasantly surprised by the smell of this one! And also, it didn’t burn! After I used it, my skin felt squeaky clean.


Day 3: My skin stopped being greasy upon using the black soap a little more. It’s gotten drier as the days went along and that’s not a bad thing for me because I prefer my skin drier than greasier. This black soap didn’t make me AS dry as the usual because its infused with Shea butter but it still made my skin less oily during the day. My pimples are still there but some of them seem to be shrinking ever so slightly. Still squeaky clean.The black soap is a bit smoother as you continue using it, because of the water that keeps getting in.


Day 5: So my skin has kind of balanced. It’s not too dry, not too greasy. I think this is pretty interesting! Pimples have reduced but some are still thriving bruh


Day 7: Okay. My skin in general is flossy. One pimple still remains but the rest have shrunk and darkened (I was touching them, lol) I’m going to keep going honestly. And it’s so much! The tub is literally never ending and I use it on my whole body, not just on my face! 


So Nature Fair sent me… 

  1. Shea butter black soap ( N2,400)
  2. Body butter ( N1,500) 


Here’s my review on their products in general…


Packaging: The packages were simple and easy, 3/5

Portions: The portions in comparison to the prices are large, 5/5

Delivery: Delivery was pretty smooth, 4/5

Quality: The quality was amazing! I love the black soap and adore the body butter, 5/5

Pricing: I think the pricing is pretty good, considering the work going in, 4/5

Customer service: Communication was good, 4/5

Overall: I’d buy it! In fact, I will! Here’s where to get it!




Where to Buy…

You can find these products in Sahad stores or order off their Instagram:







What is your favorite natural product?


Be Better Brownie!







2 Readers Commented

  1. Lily of Nigeria October 20, 2017 | Reply
    Girl, organic products for the win! This worked well on you. I've seen it a couple of times at Sahad. *SideEye* I might try it out.
    • Brownie November 20, 2017
      You should!

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