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Girl On Girl Action

Where Is The Love?

Written by: Bella Date: October 25, 2017

Dear Brownie,


I love girls. We fight, we bitch, we bicker but when it boils down to it, we bond, we unite and we conquer. 


About the post…


Today, I’m coming to you with probably my most love filled post this year. Today, I’m going to be writing a love letter to you! This post is in collaboration with three amazing women. There’s Kachi from , Demi from and the amazing designer of the blouses we’re wearing, Portia CEO of Porshher and fellow blogger. We decided to do something special to cap off the month and just to share love in general. If you know me, you know that I’m quite passionate about certain things. If you don’t know, you should follow my snapchat for my rants, words of advice, questions and all that jazz. It’s a grand old time! But that aside, 


About Girl on Girl Action…


Here’s what I want to say:

I’ve never understood why women constantly feel like they’re in competition.If I’ve learnt anything from being around my friends, its that there is MORE than enough space for everyone to flourish. The key is knowing what sets you apart as an individual.


What makes you special? Hold on to that! And find out what makes your friends special as well! If they don’t know, you should tell them! We must focus on uplifting ourselves and others because we already have the odds stacked against us, we have to stick together. 


Shout out to the girls that support other girls! That left their girl up when she's feeling down! That push other women to be better! We support you!


About my girls…

I love the Abuja blogger community because everyone is so kind and different and so eager to help you grow to your full potential. Shooting this with Demi and Kachi was like hanging out with friends that GET you!  They’re some of the sweetest and funniest and most dedicated people I know! I can’t wait to do more with them! Best part of working with amazing people in your field is that It wasn’t a competition, it was a collaboration. To see their full looks, click below:


Demi: Blog- Instagram

Kachi- Blog - Instagram


About the Brand…

Porshher is a clothing brand owned by blogger babe Portia that focuses on ready to wear fashion and also dabbles in bespoke  as well. She also has a consignment store! Here’s how to reach her:



Phone number: 09037129781

And her IG is @porshher 


She made our amazing tops being styled in different ways in this post!


About my Outfit…


I went for a chic-athleisure hybrid and I absolutely loved the outfit so much, I have to wear it out! I had been wearing the blouse on its own but today, I decided to layer a white fitted tee underneath for a different look! I also put on my burgundy mules, a present from my best friend, Lara for a touch of color!





What bloggers would you like to see collaborating?



Be Better Brownie!




3 Readers Commented

  1. Jeetee October 26, 2017 | Reply
    Hiiii, I love the post wow. We really need to stop being in competition with each other, there's a lot we all can learn from each other to make the world fantastic. Thanks for this post. I'd love to collaborate with you soon. I'd be so amazed and grateful for that as I'm excited to meet new bloggers cuz yeah I'm a newbie😋😋💃🏾💃🏾Thanks thanks ❤️❤️
  2. Jasmine Howson-wright October 27, 2017 | Reply
    I love the 'friendliness', 'girl next door' feel of this post. Great to see ladies supporting each other and genuinely smiling through it. You have a good heart brownie. Weldone👏
  3. JustPorsh October 28, 2017 | Reply
    You all look amazing! I absolutely love when women support other women. And I've found that with the Blogger Babes in Abuja. Y'all rock!!! Thanks for the support!

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