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For The Love Of Boobs

Nigerian Bloggers For Breast Cancer Awareness

Written by: Bella Date: October 30, 2017

Dear Brownie,


Here we go! Yes, another Breast cancer awareness post! I promise, this one has a twist! I've grown so much from being a blogger and one of the biggest lessons I've learnt is the importance of COLLABORATION. I'm talking about it now more than ever because I was honored enough to collaborate with Nigerian bloggers spanning across THREE different states: Lagos, Abuja and Ibadan. And what brought us together?


Two things: For the love of blogging and For the love of BOOBS.

Hence the title of this post.


This is the third piece of content I've created this month in honor of breast cancer awareness and I wish I had the opportunity to make more ! The first was my breast check video in my Instagram incase you missed it HERE and the second was my story time on When I thought I had cancer HERE. It's well enough to retweet and 'see and swipe' but there are so many life issues people face, more specifically women face that should CONSTANTLY be acknowledged. I may not be a fighter myself but I'm always in the corner of the one who needs to fight! Hence my shirt ' Who says girls can't fight?!


The most important thing I have to offer right now is my voice (because I'm a pre-rich student) and I will, much like the other blogger involved in this project, continue to shout to the roof tops for prevention or rather early detection. It's major key to know your risks and check yourself as often as you can! To see how, check out my IG 

I'm so glad to be breathing the same air with such noble blogger babes who are willing to take a stand for something they believe in and and invest both time and money to extending the reach of breast cancer knowledge in their own circles of inlfuence. If it was so easy, everyone would be doing it! and now that we've done our part, it's time for you to do yours!


Your task...

First off, I would love and appreciate it if you would visit my blogger sisters on their sites! I've made that easy for you, all you need to do is click on their names:

Kachi of staples and style

Portia of Just Porsh

Vanessa of Style by Ohaha

Larisa of Larisa le Fleur

Wumi of Wumi Tuase

Mabel of The Style Linguist

Oluchi of Dleona life

Princess of Princess Audu

Chinju of Attics

Lade of Lades Blog

Ifeoma of Draped in Basics

Debbie of Tostda

Leye of Aojeniyi

Tolu of Toluajg

Oyinda of Life of Dammy

Bolu of Pribondunke

Nonye of This Thing Called Fashion



Next, I would love to ask you a QUICKIE...

What was your favourite quote?


Be Better Brownie!





1 Readers Commented

  1. Dleona October 31, 2017 | Reply
    Dunno if I have ever told you but I love the way you write. I know there is a long queue for the skirt, so I will just admire from afar. I am so glad we came together to do this. Would check out your video on the cancer thing, I saw a pop up on my subscription feed. I wish you came the day we did ours. My fav quote is mine - Save the TATAS!

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